English / Polish version


      1. Expectations
      2. Toward The Light
      3. Ancient Tribes
      4. Answers
      5. Free Your Mind
      6. Astral Map Error
      7. Emptiness
      8. Love And Devotion
      9. Wind’s Fairy
      10. Everlasting


ETHER – „quinta essentia” (the fifth essence) forming a part of the universe. It is the omnipresent ether, that combines togeher the other four elements – air, water, fire and earth, giving us a full picture of the surrounding universe.

The latest compilation of a series of five elements straight from Altar Records became a fact. This time DJ Zen will take us for a delicious feast in the company of such gems as: AstroPilot, Distant System, E-Mantra and reliable as always – Asura.

At the beginning, there is a mild expectation accompanied by gentlemen from the East. A collaboration of AstroPilot and Chronos brings to us a smooth and pleasant, earthly idyll. Immediately afterwards Flooting Grooves leads us toward… well, this title could indicate that toward the light, but really we are in an enchanted jungle, surrounded by the lush vegetation, listening to some twittering birds. The whole track is completed by a magical sound of a flute and dub-vibrating beat. Somehow ANCIENT TRIBES is not very surprising one. It does not stick in a chair, nor ascends us to heaven. What distinguishes this track, is certainly a vocal performed by Athena Etana, which at first seems to be too sweet. The rest of the track and its slightly shamanistic arrangement may be attractive. Once again AstroPilot in a solo version does not allow us to be bored and thanks to the track called ANSWERS he gives us some answers to many questions which are confronting us. The calm track spiced with a juicy beat finally warms this compilation. Tentura orders us to clear our mind, and some shamanic provocations are designed to help us. FREE YOUR MIND is primarily a guarantee of a good dose of positive vibrations. Life on this compilation finally took on colours. Tyler Smith maintains a rapid climate proposed by Tentura. ASTRAL MAP ERROR is a typical intergalactic atmosphere, which Distant System has enchanted us for a long time. Everything here boils up from the positively drilling energy. It is a great combination of psytrance and hypnotic chill. Tyler Smith grows here into an undisputed leader of this compilation. After choking on the large dose of energy, it is time for something quieter. Together with E-Mantra we are drowning in the vacuum of some free and slow sounds. The calmness and coolness to our mind and body is guaranteed. Shakri thanks to his LOVE AND DEVOTION sustains our peaceful state of mind. A savory, yet slightly dull, downtempo relaxation in a conjunction with the vibrating beat creates a very pleasant atmosphere. Lab’s Cloud submerges us even more in the lazy lounge state. WIND’S FAIRY in a sugary way tries to charm us – but for me it does not work. It is nice, but someone sprinkled too much sweetness here. And finally it is time for Asura. What can I say, EVERLASTING melts itself with every subsequent second, and along with this track we also melt ourselves.

The ether combined with the air, sank in the water, heated in the fire and it charmed the earth. The series of five elements was completed in a very successful manner. DJ Zen creating five magical compilations, gave us to understand how little we need to feel special for a while.

7 / 10