[ Psylesia / MAE / ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Katowice
    WHAT: dj and organizer
    ALBUM: many
    PARTY: more than above
    LIKE: melodic and guitar fullon
    DISLIKE: stimulants

For many years associated with the psychedelic trance scene, and all thanks to Juno Reactor and one of Juno’s track entitled KOMIT. The first sounds, the first event and the long search for the proper, musical ways are completed. In 2003 he joins team and begins to be responsible for galleries and reviews from parties. One of his passion is travelling that makes he passes through the whole Poland in search of new musical experiences, that makes it passes Poland in search of new musical experiences, he makes friendship with many collectives in Poland, as well as neighbours beyond our southern border. In early 2005, he assumed the collective Psylesia, whose main aim is to promote the psychedelic culture among people in Silesia, and in other parts of the country. Styropian (Polystyrene) is a typical leader, who for many years with the same precision organizing psychedelic events in Silesia. He starts the cooperation with the club Scena Gugalander (Katowice) and there with the rest of Psylesia members organize the first party titled Trip to Goa. Then they move to Inqbator Club in Katowice where for years are responsible for a cyclical event called Tales. Styropian is mainly responsible for the musical part of the events. In his sets we can hear (mostly) full of energy fullon, but also soft and melodic sounds. It is also worth mentioning that all kinds of Psylesia decorations are done by Styropian, so as you can see the boy is just talented.