Nimba – Motherland

English / Polish version

Nimba - Motherland

      1. Boke Atmo
      2. Jam Session
      3. Kangoleah Kryin
      4. KakiLambe (The Wisdom Of Destiny)
      5. Nimba (The Offering Of Rice)
      6. Matimbo And The Circle Dance
      7. Sorsonet (The Protector From The Forest)
      8. LadyDrum (The Big Lady Dances)
      9. Boke Dreaming


Each of us has his own little space on Earth. For Ariane MacAvoy such a place is the hottest continent in the world – Africa. MOTHERLAND is a several minutes journey through a truly shamanic and magical Black Land. Nimba together with her ideas escapes into drumming Africa. Decidedly this album is different from some quiet, melodic, smooth ambient and chillout productions and without doubt it could be described as world music. If someone expected from this album that he would melt after some maundering and hypnotic ambient spots, definitely will feel a great insufficiency, and even disappointment. Sometimes MOTHERLAND is a monotonous drumming, using all possible membranophone instruments. Surely you can not deny the originality of this album, a breath of freshness and what is the most important – a huge amount of positive energy, which comes to us together with each beat of the djembe. Ariane and her MOTHERLAND is a great combination of the solar energy of the Black Land, flowing from some magic rituals of its inhabitants, with the shamanistic, tribal dance on the head. MOTHERLAND is a dynamic projection of Ariane’s visions, some sensory, multidimensional, not just musical experiences. The sounds stemming from her productions become almost tangible, and we are embroiled in this far and magical world. First of all Ariane finds a balance between the ethnic sounds, native, raw, tribal, and those generated by a computer. You could say that her album is just a meeting of the tribe with a modern technology.

How can we rate this album? Certainly it is difficult and ambiguous. MOTHERLAND is the album which departs from some psychill standards, but captivating in its simplicity and shamanic style. For sure it is not suitable for melting yourself in chilloutrooms, but certainly it works well during some mysterious, forest hikes.


6.5 / 10