Swen (dzoncy) Stroop

[ now Ashoka ] English / Polish version

Swen (dzoncy) Stroop
    WHERE: Milky Way
    WHAT: psychedelicatessen
    ALBUM: Requiem, Mozart
    PARTY: fun at the demolition of Rome
    LIKE: searching
    DISLIKE: thinking that it is found
    PRIVATELY: ommm…..
    Official Site:


Musical Stroop’s bio can be concluded in one sentence: two years alone in the garage. A few years earlier of playing classical guitar (now a beautiful Admira Malaga), but he never played public concerts – and his artistic ambitions went in the direction of painting and drawing. Which resulted in the two exhibitions, one of the surrealist painting, the other with psychedelic portraits, drawn on request or personal needs. Joyful paintings in the attic, plus a love affair with the hippie movement led our Stroop to the brink of starvation and he had to begin to use his skills to earn for bread, first as an art teacher, then the picture editor and designer in advertising. This prostitution had to stop one day and Stroop returned to his interests of the human soul – the various things that begin with „psycho-„. Psychology, psychotherapy, and psychedelic, a world came back to square one which means came back to a place where you can fly away again into the unknown parts of your mind with the help of art. This time without fear of death by starvation. Two years spent in a garage provided the material for a full album – we see, what will come. Swen (Dzoncy) Stroop just started his adventure…