Padmasana – Padmasana II

English / Polish version

    Padmasana II

      1. Transition
      2. Evolution
      3. Vibration (part 1)
      4. Vibration (part 2)


We do not have an opportunity to hear about a Japanese label, Dakini Records very often, which is a shame indeed, because it is known that the productions released by it are usually a guarantee of the highest quality music. Fortunately, recently (to my great joy) a new album from a project Padmasana has been released. There would be perhaps nothing exceptional, if not the fact that its previous (first and so far only) album was released 14 years ago, in the year 1999. I admit that I have already written down this project at a loss, even though the album mentioned by me is truly sensational and I do come back to it very often. Therefore, I simply could not believe it, when I found out that Giovanni Fazio, David Hikari and S. Widi, which are the members of the project Padmasana, reactivated their group, which resulted in the release of the album: PADMASANA II.

Just like the previous album, this one also includes only a few tracks that you can literally count on the fingers of one hand, though, as compared to its predecessor, it wins by one more track included. Of course, the proportions of quantity to quality, fortunately, have not been preserved, because the album in my opinion is the one to die for. Some caressing terms, which could be used to describe the album PADMASANA II, do not seem to have a little sense, because they would be mostly synonymous phrases praising my delight over this disc, so simply I will just leave it. It is worth mentioning that while listening to PADMASANA II, you have a feeling of participating in a sequel, which, as already mentioned, is known to me from the first to the last plank. I am very glad that at the end of so many years, the project has decided to maintain its so characteristic style, which captivated me from the very beginning and I like it so much. Of course, it is impossible not to notice how over the 14 years the workshop facilities have been enriched, or maybe a technique has just gone so far forward that the new tracks sound so crystal clear.

Padmasana, like the majority of productions released by Dakini Records, was always characterized by the interesting sound, often enriched with some ethno, oriental insertions performed on live instruments, which together with the esoteric vocals perfectly blend with the electronic whole. Padmasana for the second time commits the phenomenal album, by which it proved that it has been worth waiting for 14 years, though I sincerely hope that the next album will be released a little faster than this one.

9 / 10