Cosmic Replicant – Supersensitive

English / Polish version

    Cosmic Replicant

      1. Chromosphere
      2. Inner Fly
      3. Supersensitive
      4. Space Creator


SUPERSENSITIVE is for me an EP of unknown origin, only after the recess into the details we can find out that a man named Pavel has created it – he is Russian, coming from Kazan, hiding under a name Cosmic Replicant. SUPERSENSITIVE is his first mini-album released by Pureuphoria Records and it is worth noting that this promotion EP we can download for free from a popular site Ektoplazm, as well as from the official site of the label.

The whole of SUPERSENSITIVE consists of four downtempo tracks maintained between 85 and 100 beats per minute. Each of them is impregnated with a large dose of psychedelic vibrations, space travels, twisted sounds. There will also be a sizeable injection of pleasure, or as Pavel says, the feeling of fulfillment. The only drawback of this EP is that each track is very similar to the previous one, and if we had no break between them, we would feel that we were listening to one long track straight from the interstellar galaxy. As there are some drawbacks, there must be also advantages, and I think that there are much more of them. For me the advantages are: the positive vibe, great atmosphere and the fact that each track will be perfect for any chillroom. There is nothing else but to wait for the full album by Cosmic Replicant and familiarize ourselves with Pavel’s possibilities, which are huge for sure.

7 / 10