Primal Terror

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Primal Terror
    WHERE: Hajduki
    WHAT: melody
    ALBUM: everyone, but good
    PARTY: Mystika Open Air IV
    LIKE: what gives me the music
    DISLIKE: pop in the life and music
    PRIVATELY: retrospective


Primal Terror, as indicated by his artist nickname, wants to terrorize listeners (obviously in a positive way) by the elderly, good sounds, even dating back to ancient (the original) time in the field of electronic music, or through selected contemporary works that reflect the spirit of old time in music. Often mixed together different musical styles, not only associated with the scene of psychedelic / goa, but also with deep progressive house and „normal” trance. Playing on the chill out stage (which he loves), Primal seeks to bring people into a deep, melodic journey, sometimes aiming at the stars, sometimes in exotic parts of the world, and another time in the inscrutable psychedelic areas. The first sounds from the world of psychedelic / goa trance Primal heard in the broadcast Techno Terror (radio 95.1 FM) in 2002, where during one of the programs, he heard the tracks of such legendary teams as Prana, Ra, or Pleiadians.
His club debut Primal played just on the chill out stage, (organized by Ashoka), playing as a substitute for another dj during Mushroom Tales party, which took place in 2008, at Inqbator Club in Katowice. Since then, he had the opportunity to present their sets on a number of smaller and larger events. From the beginning of collective Ashoka, Primal is a great fan of the group and tries to support its activities.