Fahrenheit Project Part 2

English / Polish version

Fahrenheit Project Part 2
    Fahrenheit Project Part 2

      1. Somnium Intro
      2. Electric Fluid
      3. San Pedro
      4. Glaciales Lacrimae
      5. Folding Time (Ambient Version)
      6. Summerlands
      AES DANA
      7. When The Effect Came
      8. Bénares
      9. Keun Yung
      10. Waters Of Life
      11. Somnium


FAHRENHEIT PROJECT PART 2 – a compilation older than ten years (because it was released in 2001), but still inherent in the memory. So it is with everything that comes out from the hand of Ultimae Records. The compilations which use the banner FAHRENHEIT are some of the best-known musical sequences, which the chillout world saw and despite the fact that perhaps this above-mentioned position does not stand out too much in comparison with the other, it is definitely a great break from the reality and escape into the imaginary world of psybient fantasies. The Compilation begins with a calm and dignified INTRO from one of the fathers of ambient music, who is Robert Rich. Then, as it happens in the case of the French label, there can not be a lack of the achievements of Solar Fields, and so we are getting a full of life and energy ELECTRIC FLUID, which together with the next track performed by Vibrasphere gives us a lot of positive emotions. Maybe these are not any lofty accomplishments, but we should admit that the tracks are perfect for a pleasant swinging in the clouds. Khetzal and his GLACIALES LACRIMAE rather is not very thrilling because it is quite monotonous, schematic, and despite a gentle enthusiasm that accompanies the track, something is missing here to the full explosion of excitement. The same happens with the ambient version of FOLDING TIME whis is very sleepy one, sometimes even boring and I could understand the situation when the track makes me sleepy, because it is one of the points of chillout playing, but the boredom and the lack of any variety can not be accepted by me. Falling asleep, but this time in a little bit faster way continues Aes Dana and his SUMMERLANDS. The track passes through us like a hot wave of the heat and allows to discover the differences between the boredom and uniqueness. WHEN THE EFFECT CAME is completely different from what we have heard so far. The nostalgic tracks were replaced with some experimental sounds, slightly dub beat, and above all, disturbingly acid atmosphere. The track is different, interesting, clear and definitely noticeable among the rest of this compilation. Hol Baumann also decided to deviate from what is past and thanks to BENARES he gave us some oriental sounds, well supported by a female vocal, and the whole was completed by a mellow and rumbling melody. KEUN YUNG is also not bad and pretending to a place in the top three of this compilation. The slightly trance melody, mysterious atmosphere, and despite the frightening monotony it collapses the lasting memory. Cell does not disappoint us also this time. After a dose of solid playing, again we are thrown into the abyss of a typical ambient rattle. The apathetic WATERS OF LIFE, indifferent SOMNIUM finish the second episode of the series called FAHRENHEIT, which certainly was not as thrilling as the first part, and certainly not as great as the next sections. Despite this, it is worth to dedicate a few minutes to this record, because probably everyone will find something for himself in it.

6 / 10