Vibrasphere – Selected Downbeats Vol. 2

English / Polish version

Vibrasphere - Selected Downbeats Vol. 2
    Selected Downbeats Vol. 2

      1. Tierra Azul (Omnimotion feat. K. Linder Remix)
      2. Mountain Lake
      3. Late Winter Storms
      4. Spring Flood
      5. Ensueno
      6. Forest Fuel
      7. Fuzzy Vibes
      8. Breathing Place
      9. Tierra Azul


SELECTED DOWNBEATS VOL. 2, that is the second edition of the achievements of Vibrasphere on a chillout field. Once again nine tracks were joined into an immaculate and perfectly harmonizing whole. Some quiet and melodic lines, interspersed with romantic and melancholic ballads are a developed and recognizable brand of a Swedish duo. It is enough to listen to just a few initial sounds and each one fascinated with psybient will recognize that once again he has to deal with this better side of Vibrasphere (better side according to my opinion of course). Looking a bit backward and remembering their first part of some downbeat accomplishments, you can safely assume that after listening to the second edition, certainly we will not feel disappointed, and for sure this album will compile successfully with our everyday life.

Distinctive and individual – in that way you would briefly describe the tracks of the Swedes. An individuality, I have mentioned, is lost when the tracks blend together in one smooth album, flowing like some dense clouds in the sky. A lazy hike begins from the moment when we turn the CD on and there is the divine TIERRA AZUL in a slightly modified installment. An endless, musical landscape inspires positively, and the other tracks only heighten the delightful and fabulous mood, although at some points LATE WINTER STORMS will freeze us a little bit with its Scandinavian aura. However, the cool moments are a very small part of this compilation and the next tracks: SPRING FLOOD, ENSUENO or FOREST FUEL will warm our journey again. These are the top three tracks in which I can find the most characteristic things for Vibrasphere. Everything spins slowly and with a great deal of thinking, without some unnecessary accelerations, unnecessary slowdowns. A full harmony and unity of sound together with another sound – Vibrasphere in a full class. I can say bluntly that the downbeat version of this duo definitely beats the progressive one. The end of the album consists of three dreamy tracks, bathed in the sun and the last one just as the first again dissolves like a picturesque landscape of the sky, saturated with some blue colours.

Vibrasphere gives us on a tray such great and tasty pieces, just waiting to be consumed, so even those who are picky should bite the bullet as soon as possible and try it. The satisfaction is guaranteed!


7 / 10