Phutureprimitive – Luminous EP

English / Polish version

Phutureprimitive - Luminous EP
    Luminous EP

      1. Luminous (Original Mix)
      2. Burn (Phutureprimitive Rmx)
      3. Darkness (Faded Mix)


Six years have passed from the time when an album called SUB CONSCIOUS was released and it is possible to say explicitly that Rain ordered us to wait for his next achievement very long. In the sequence of these six years we have been able to meet the artistic work of Rain for several times in different types of compilations, whether in DIGITAL SINGLES VOL. 1, FLOATING POINT 4 or FUTURE MEMORIES. However each time Rain did not surprise us with anything new, but he signalled only that his productions from the album called SUB CONSCIOUS somehow had been remembered in the psychill world. After such a long waiting probably everyone looked curiously at a new EP titled LUMINOUS. Probably everyone also expected a breath of the freshness, novelty and individuality from Phutureprimitive. Looking at the content of LUMINOUS at once a statement arises that also this time Rain will not surprise us with anything special. LUMINOUS with which we had the contact in the compilation FLOATING POINT, this time appears as a version called ORIGINAL MIX. At the forefront of it is a vocal of Alyssa Palmer which in the company of a broken dub beat sounds quite curiously, but does not knock out. However it is very pleasant to listen to this track and after a repeated listening it is possible to feel the positive energy coming from Alyssa’s harsh and at the same time sweet voice. BURN (PHUTUREPRIMITIVE RMX) is a next tribute of Rain to Alyssa. However BURN is characterized by nothing special. It does not sweep off our feet and does not take us out into the expanses. Again the harsh and interesting vocal appears, there are some moments when it is too much of it. Then once again there is dub beat. In comparison with LUMINOUS one can see practically no difference. Kind of a dullness sneaked into the actions of Phutureprimitive. The last position called DARKNESS (FADE MIX) was taken from SUB CONSCIOUS and it probably looks best of the entire threesome. Even though at once I will add that the original is definitely better, more engrossing and hypnotic, in the FADE MIX version we are also dealing with an interesting arrangement, more powerful beat and fun with the vocal. This connection created by Rain has passed an examination. Finally we can feel some minimum differences and immerse in some soothing chillout sounds.

Frankly speaking, the expectations for Rain were much bigger. Phutureprimitive did not surprise with anything; the same outlines lightly turned up unfortunately do not knock out. However it is pleasant to listen to the EP and it is certainly worthwhile coming back to the production of Phutureprimitive.

6.5 / 10