E-Mantra ‎– Silence

English / Polish version

E-Mantra ‎– Silence

      1. Silence
      2. Since You Were Gone
      3. Ecouri
      4. Departed 2012
      5. Night Walker
      6. Shadow Skies
      7. Prelude
      8. Le Ciel Est Triste
      9. Echoes Of An Empty Room (Hotep Remix)
      10. Touching
      11. Passing Through


The cooperation between Altar Records and Emanuel Carpus is going exceptionally well, last year a perfect album VISIONS FROM THE PAST was released, and a year later there has appeared another child of E-Mantra, entitled SILENCE. As I have written earlier, for me the previous album turned out to be one of the best discs I have had the opportunity to listen to in the year 2011, and I admit that till this day I go back to it often, each time with the same satisfactory result. Time to check what will be its younger brother.

At the very beginning it is worth mentioning that all those who (like me) raved about the album which came last year, certainly should not feel disappointed. Someone probably would say that a year is too short period of time to make another good album, but I can assure you at the outset that this is not a logical reasoning. SILENCE is the album which is superbly refined both in terms of composition and sound, the recipient continually has the impression of experiencing the feeling of inertia and literally being absorbed by a sofa. Some long, subtle, roaming, lazy and also euphoric sounds carry the listener into a completely different dimension. Gently outlined musical rate and the immersive background, where you can hear almost everything, starting from the sounds of flowing water, which even the naiads goddesses themselves would not ignore, through the sounds of ethnic instruments and ending with some deep electronic pads. Of course, everything is combined together perfectly, creating one common, musical harmony. However, what I like and what I value most in E-Mantra productions, is the way how he builds the climate in his tracks. This mystical areola, which completely absorbs our attention. The fact that after hearing one track, right away we want to listen to another one, and then another and another. And that is of what consists the album SILENCE and I take the full responsibility for those words. Why? I just can not imagine that there could be anyone who could not fall in love with this album.

SILENCE is the very visionary album, well elaborated one, perfectly fitting 'to cushions’ and to a trip to a big, crowded city with headphones in the ears. Once again, the Romanian producer, Emanuel Carpus proves that he deserves to be called one of the best downtempo artists, not only in the label called Altar Records. I highly recommend it and I guarantee that you will not be dissapointed while listening to the album named SILENCE.


9 / 10