Easily Embarrassed – From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning (I Don’t Want To Sleep)

English / Polish version

Easily Embarrassed - From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning (I Don't Want To Sleep)
    Easily Embarrassed
    From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning (I Don’t Want To Sleep)

      1A I Don’t Want To Sleep
      1B I Don’t Want To Sleep
      1C Organic Gardening
      1D Little Trees And Fantasies


Easily Embarassed is a Dutch collaboration of Jeffrey van Schilden, Nick van Schilden (brothers) and Peter Spaargaren. All of them are young neophytes of the music, born in the eighties of the previous century who together on 8 July 2006 combined their powers and abilities, creating the project called Easily Embarassed. Their current musical achievements are two albums IDYLLIC LIFE and PLANET DISCOVERY, some EPs and quite considerable amount of tracks published only in an electronic form. Today actually we will look at one of them. FROM SUNSET LAST NIGHT TO SUNRISE THIS MORNING (I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP) is the first musical attempt of a trio from Netherlands. They say that their music rouses to the magic, soothes senses, it is calming and takes a body into a travel through some dark nooks. We will become convinced in a few moments how it really is…

We begin the adventure with Easily Embarassed from the track I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP (MUSICBOX INTRO). A delicate and slender intro which is gaining a power with every second, already gives us the awareness of the fact that we will not be bored for over a dozen nearest minutes. Actually the intro does not end, but imperceptibly and with a great accuracy it takes us into the further trip. I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP, as the name indicates itself, will not let us fall asleep. The travel all over an enchanted forest full of dwarfs, goblins, fortune-tellers has begun for good already. Some soothing noises of trees, the echo coming from everywhere, some rustles and a resolute but lightly dub beat give a simply narrative atmosphere to the whole. The Dutch trio did not lie talking about the fact that its productions let the soul release from the body. However we are torn from the prolonged intro only in order to find the new power in ORGANIC GARDENING. The beginning similarly as in the previous track – calm and slender but fanned with an unidentified secret. It is possible to sense that this time we will be subjected to a little bit heavier vibrations. Then again the firm and deep beat, some echoes in the background and a great number of some distorted voices which are difficult to decode in anyway whatsoever. The tempo of the track is clearly gaining the speed which causes that we are being torn from the blissful lethargy. The last position is again a delicate spring atmosphere. LITTLE TREES AND FANTASIES is soothing, calming, takes us to a world of a fantasy and then again it puts our body down on the green grass. We blink and do not know when our dreams, imaginations become the fact.

A little bit over twenty minutes of an idyllic lounging connected at times with a strong and resolute stamp. From the initial minutes we can sense that the trio of the Dutch contains huge deposits of the positive chillout energy. Easily Embarassed – it is really worth it.

8 / 10