Globular – A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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Globular – A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

      1. Feeding Back Forwards
      2. A Singular Synergy
      3. Subversion
      4. This, Here, Now
      5. The Loon
      6. A Highly Sprung Spring
      7. To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space
      8. From Mind, There Spills Forth Light


Globular clearly can be associated with a good, psychedelic dub. Since a few years ago for the first time I had an opportunity to listen to an album called COLOURS OF THE BRAINBOW, I have developed a (very good anyway) thought about this project. A deep, thoughtful, sunny sound is probably the most recognizable landmark of this project. With even greater joy I have awaited the new album of Morison Bennett from Bristol, and in the end I got it.

A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY, which is the name that has been sealed the latest album of the project Globular, consists of eight tracks in the typical dub conventions. At the outset, I immediately want to point out that to me the album has not made so many positive emotions and the impact of serotonin in the brain as the album mentioned earlier – COLOURS OF THE BRAINBOW or IN FORMATION. This does not mean that it is not worth spending those few minutes, because I can definitely recommend it to you. Certainly it is a good to complement an evening relax after the work, preferably somewhere in the open air, in a hammock at the sunset (but then again so is the role to fulfill by all the albums in the genre of downtempo). For sure some lazy dub sounds will please many fans of this genre, because it is hard not to swing to the beat of the music coming from speakers. Certainly of special interest are the tracks: A HIGHLY SPRUNG SPRING – warm, positive, caressing senses, and TO THE OTHER SIDE OF FRACTAL PHASE SPACE which also captivates me with its unique sound and interesting construction. However I miss here such hits as DIMENSION EXTENTION that just tore of the shoes and made the track was in my head for a good few months. It is a pity.
The reviewed album did not impress me in any special way – it is simply good, but if it comes to this project, good is definitely not enough.

In summary, the project Globular certainly is a huge potential, diligence and care with an attention to details. Globular is also a good, psychedelic, dub playing that will be good not only in a chilloutroom, where we used to rest after the follies of the main stage, but probably it will be great in any other circumstances. It is not definitely known as 'the music of the backround’, but it is a kind of music that requires the dedication and commitment from the listener. I have listened to the album several times, I have found a few gems there, to which I will certainly come back with a lot of pleasure, however there remained a slight deficiency, which is due to the very good previous albums of Morison. It is widely known that the appetite grows with eating, right?


6.5 / 10