[ Symdromm ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Cracow
    WHAT: sounds of the universe…
    ALBUM: preferably on vinyl…
    PARTY: always with my friends
    LIKE: all this positive booom
    DISLIKE: pop cultural mash
    PRIVATELY: Michał

Michał called Mewa or Mewa (which means „Seagull”) called Michałl, as you wish. His adventure with psytrance music began in a quite unusual way. Being a „youngster”, namely writing a high school student, had the opportunity to go with his class on a trip. Sitting comfortably and smoke a water pipe for the first time he heard Infected Mushroom – BP Empire, which proved to be the beginning of a new passion that would soon completely absorbed his mind. Expanding his musical consciousness, he could not bump into the most famous duo in the branch – Shpongle – their music has proved to be not only fully satisfy his current needs, but above all the crowning of his musical explorations.

Of course, youth, ambition and talent made Mewa decided to go a step further. Quickly began rediscovering himself on the other side of the console, and with increasingly passionate and verve improve his technique as a DJ. For the first time he had the opportunity to show his capabilities at a wider audience during the event Muchomorowe Berety in April 2006. His skills were quickly appreciated by the collective Syndromm, which Mewa soon joined. Their cooperation runs very successfully, and the result may be for example serial club events in Krakow, or even organized the open air (called Psydromm) in May 2006. Unfortunately, When the collective began to develop in the best way, the fate fell in all members of the collective in different parts of the world and partying had to be suspend. In 2009, Mewa returned from migration, with his head full of new ideas and desires. So, what next? We’ll see. However, he says: „I came back and we now have to start all over again, and Katowice must have some decent competition in the south part of Poland”.
His sets are characterized by a good, progressive sound, which often introduces listeners in the dark, but also very hypnotic atmosphere, at which it is impossible to stand still.