Ren Toudu – Nemophilist

English / Polish version

Ren Toudu - Nemophilist
    Ren Toudu

      1. Vesiunaus
      2. Stationary
      3. Orenda
      4. Harmonia
      5. Nelipot
      6. Psithurism
      7. Yugen


I will not conceal the fact that Ren Toudu is my favourite in a case of the young generation of artists creating ambient music. Since I had the opportunity to listen to his album called INTANGIBLE, which made an enormous impression on me, as well as an EP titled GREEN TEMPLE, I belong to his most loyal fans. It is hard to break on through with anything in the current market of downtempo music, especially when the music oscillates around a genre known as ambient. First of all, there is really only a small percentage of recipients of downtempo productions that listens to (it is not a secret) this genre difficult in reception, coming from somewhat experimental electronic music, which is characterized by a departure from linearly developing melodic line, in favour of loose compositions of some sound spots.

NEMOPHILIST is another position released by Ovnimoon Records, in which Ren has settled for good. A roughly transleted album’s title refers to a forest and all that is associated with it, because 'nemophilist’ is a devotee, enthusiast and lover of the forest. The fictionalizing of forest scenery, the rustle of trees, birds chirping, sun rays penetrating through some high branches, owl hooting, but sometimes even this darker, somber, more misanthropic side will certainly be for us a captivating reminiscence, a remarkable flashback. The power is built on the sound simplicity, because nothing like the nature surrounding us, is sometimes the best, musical illustration.

The album NEMOPHILIST is a sublime vagabond deep into the recesses of the forest, a finesse Robinsonade among the dragnets and subtle wandering between boron vegetation. What was impossible, really happened, because the album is a typical forest simulator, which can be found without leaving home. You just need to find yourself some convenient locale, save a little over an hour, put the headphones on your ears and voila! Ren builds a real atmosphere in a characteristic for him and still unequaled way, and a little bit cabalistic and sometimes even infernal style, featuring this track adds only a pinch of spice.

About the music of the project Ren Toudu itself I could write really a lot. Really a lot. And even more, but whatever I could write about it, it still brings to me only one conclusion – I love this guy’s music. First of all, the peculiar spaces through which I can not afford any utter exclusion of the world around me. It is pointless to look for any boundaries here, and what turns me on the most in the album NEMOPHILIST, is the fact that it is so unpredictable and stochastic. Here Ren gave up the monotonously repeated sequences, which makes the album absorbs the attention of the recipient absolutely. A clever, surprising, but certainly deep and panoramic ambient journey at its best. I truly recommended it for all the forest lovers! Darz forest! Happy hunting!

9 / 10