English / Polish version

    Compilation (Dj Zen)

      1. Anahata Fire
      2. Crossroads Limiter
      3. Resonance
      4. Phoenix Dance
      5. Deep Unity
      6. Inter (Dawn Edit)
      AES DANA
      7. Karma Cleaner
      8. Summer Twilight
      9. Around The Sun In Seven Days
      10. Tears Of Fire


FIRE is the third release of Dj Zen. Will a fiery element lead us to the gates of hell, or perhaps will it heat us up to the redness? Or maybe this fire is just rays of the sun glowing in the sky? One thing is certain, Altar Records will not let us be bored for several dozen consecutive minutes.

Already at the very beginning we get a short intro in a form of ANAHATA FIRE. A ruler of the time gives us a sign that our meeting will be held among some sharp and extremely hot sounds. We can say confidently that a fiery gate of magical sounds has been opened. After crossing the gates of hell, a world of the damned and lost beings appears to our eyes. Asura, because he is responsible for that, surrounds us by an atmosphere hot to the redness. Tentura by his RESONANCE is getting us out of hellish powers served by Chronos and Asura. Finally appears a little bit faster beat, and the ones who waited for something with power, at last can feel content. As it is in case of the resonance, suddenly everything has started to vibrate positively. PHOENIX DANCE without any excessive boredom at once attacks us with a firm beat, which in combination with a lightly guitar sound gives an interesting blend. Thanks to Aquascape we have an excellent connection between gentleness and intensity. This is a chillout perpetuum mobile. It is time for a meeting number two with Chronos. DEEP UNITY is a long journey amongst electronic ticking, murmuring and tapping. We can divide the track in two pieces. The first one is an electronic playing almost without beat, and the second is a calm and blissful travel amongst a soothing melody. Aes Dana – INTER and then again we are coming back to life. Again we are speeding up thanks to the characteristic beat, and the sun is warming us up with the hottest rays. As it is in the case of some impetuous compilations, there is no possibility that on them there could be missing something originating from the producer. This time Astral Waves in combination with Astropilot gives us a remarkable dose of psytrance connected with chill and tribal, decorated with a cherry in the form of a magical vocal of a woman. The track is just boiling from some positive vibrations, and certainly our karma has been cleaned for a few minutes. SUMMER TWILIGHT and it becomes a little bit dark, but only for a moment. The twilight lasts only a few moments, and when the sun again shows its power to us, we can just jump and move as newborn. AROUND THE SUN IN SEVEN DAYS – for me it is still too little. The track of Uth is a gentle and even lazy composition. It is spinning, weaving and turning down the fire heated up. For the very end RA (it is probably a kind of a tradition of Gabriel). TEARS OF FIRE is enchanting us with the melody and mystery. The travel into the enchanted, ancient world does not leave any illusions – our hike came to an end.

The next attempt of strength of Dj Zen which is a success. The musician once again is proving us, that no element is terrible to him, and the meeting with ‘the fire’ is an awfully good dose of music.

8 / 10