Cosmic Replicant – Metaprogramming

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Cosmic Replicant - Metaprogramming
    Cosmic Replicant

      1. Metaprogramming
      2. Solar Activity
      3. Full Moon Energy


After a fairly promising debut in a form of an EP named SUPERSENSITIVE Cosmic Replicant, who is an ambient musician from Russia, again at the end of the year 2012 calls our attention to him. It is not a full album, but another EP, this time with a rather specific name – METAPROGRAMMING. Looking at the details of the cover, once we come to a conclusion that the first productions of Pavel appealed to many record companies, because this time Plusquam Chillout is responsible for the release of the EP, which is now probably one of the most active netlabels. The content of METAPROGRAMMING is three tracks again maintained in downtempo and ambient atmosphere. The first, title track is primarily based on a vibration and some repeated sounds, which are fairly synchronous and reproduce the same way many psybient productions. METAPROGRAMMING does not even draw our attention, or relax, it is just the average track, but it fits perfectly as a background of talking. Another option served by Pavel is SOLAR ACTIVITY, and here after the first sounds all the associations tend to face the greatest artists working under the name of the label from Lyon. The track is also quite calm, balanced, but screwing our mind into a vortex of some psychedelic visions. The growing, positive vibration in the end fulfills its role, and this time we can be fully satisfied. The track and its predecessor perfectly fits into the background of the chillout which is sleeping and full of positive energy. Following this line, I suppose that the last track of the EP will be the best one. FULL MOON ENERGY starts a quite long echo, roaming through the open spaces, endless, topped with reverbs drawing from hidden corners. This dead space after a while complements the deep, muffled beat, and even after a while we will hear some mysterious vocals, which probably not entirely lived up to their role here. FULL MOON ENERGY is carried in a slightly faster pace than in the two previous productions, but it does not take the leading position, and as the first track it will fulfill its role, fitting into the background of a peaceful and blissful relaxation.

METAPROGRAMMING is an interesting position, after which certainly we will not be disappointed, but also the desire for another audition will not come very quickly. If we are looking for something to accompany us and something to use while chatting with our friends, and we do not want to hear only each other, this EP will be a perfect companion to the conversation.


6.5 / 10