Sekta Arytmiczna

[ Silesia ] English / Polish version

Sekta Arytmiczna
    WHERE: Silesia
    WHAT: drummers
    ALBUM: thousands
    PARTY: plenty
    LIKE: good rhythm
    DISLIKE: hard question
    PRIVATELY: playing the drums

SEKTA ARYTMICZNA is a talented group that is fascinated by the hypnotic sound of drums. We have to admit that they are real masters of this profession. We can not also hide the fact that in this area they are almost perfect (why almost? Excellence apparently does not exist). Drums are certainly among the oldest musical instrument on which a man played. Rhythm beaten out on the djembe is not only the aspect which oscillates around the concepts associated with the music. It is primarily a state of mind. Native Amazonian residents, African tribes and Aborigines who are playing the djembe fell into a hypnotic, all night dance. Rhythm and its expression while playing the drums is the key to the understanding of synchronization: the basic laws of nature and the great human desires. Reaching the synchronization status in the group, suddenly, a man is elevated to another level or state of consciousness, which introduces a new quality in communication. People become closer to each other, learn how to work in a group, they become aware of their roles in teamwork. In therapeutic interest the drums play a very important role, introverts people become more open to the world, people suffering from problems with concentration becomes a patient and precise. And this is just music, which SEKTA ARYTMICZNA serves us.