Ooze – Where The Fields Never End

English / Polish version

Ooze - Where The Fields Never End
    Where The Fields Never End

      1. Quintessence
      2. What’s Up
      3. Restricted Flow
      4. Get It Done
      5. Meeting With Strange Species
      6. Trying Outwards
      7. Delicate Passage
      8. Searching Inwards


Et tout le reste est musique…
And all the rest is music…

Is there a place on Earth where the fields never end? A boundless area stretching out up to the very horizon, which we are not able to embrace even with eyesight? A place, in which even the wind must turn back, and the smell of a freshly mown barley and the coumarin tickles our sense of smell? A perfect coherence between the man and the nature. The place, from which you do not want to go back, and in which this euphoric feeling of the fulfilment is embracing us, when sitting on the grass with eyes closed, after opening them we can see still the same thing. Does such a place exist in the reality? Has anyone been there already? Has anybody already experienced it?

Sebastian Mullaert, hiding under the alias of Ooze is convinced about it, moreover he gives us to the hands a living proof of the existence of such a place in a form of album called WHERE THE FIELDS NEVER END. I am also convinced that everyone who has listened to the above-mentioned album, sooner or later will realize also that there is such a place, or even realize that he knows such a place and that he has already had the opportunity to be there one day.
It is one of those products that are not barred and which should be covered with the label: ‘edible all year round’ or ‘ever green’. The album, although it was released in 2001, has lost nothing of its freshness. After so many years it still sounds to me so revealingly and impresses me just as I have heard it the first time. The legacy that we have received from a now-defunct label Spirit Zone Recordings, is an audiovisual generator of some good emotions, and also a guide for amateurs of the expanding their own consciousness.

So that is just this album. It is deep, thoughtful, coming off from the currently prevailing trends in the music, directed on recipients who are educated on simple pseudopsychedelic tracks, in which (trends) the reality of a big city is described from the perspective of the unexperienced teenagers. While listening to this album, Ooze invites us into a journey filled with some wonderful landscapes, which are moving behind our closed eyes and give us some ecstatic states. The album certainly is not an average one and it can really get deeply into our (sub)consciousness, accelerating the secretion of the melatonin (but of course you can not say that the album is boring). The falling in the bliss that for sure will be an indispensable companion during our trip while listening to the sounds served by Mr Mullaert, will make that the boundary between wakefulness and dream will be very minimal. Lucid dreaming?

William Blake in his book entitled ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’ once wrote a sentence that seems to me the perfect blend of the reviewed album. Later, these words have become the inspiration for another master of the pen, who drew from them the title for his greatest work, entitled ‘The Doors of Perception’, of course we mention Aldous Huxley:

‘If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would seem to us the way it is – infinite.’


9 / 10