Organic Beats Vol​.​2

English / Polish version

Organic Beats Vol​.​2
    Organic Beats Vol​.​2

      1. Towards the Light
      2. Sonic Sparkle
      3. Harmonic Waves
      4. Rising Moon
      5. Healing Power
      ATLANTIS CONCEPT (Elea feat. Cell)
      6. Dmt
      7. Fire Within
      8. NoWhereClose
      9. Sparkle
      10. Used To Get High


Well, once again I want to write about Altar, someone could accuse me that I ignore other labels, but it would be manifestly exaggerated statement. However it is difficult not to dwell on albums released by the above-mentioned, Canadian label because first of all they are released at an alarming rate, and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, most of them hold a very high level. The album reviewed today by me is a continuation of the first compilation called ORGANIC BEATS, which was released in May 2012. It has been less than four months, and from the wings of Altar there has been released the next album of this series – you have to admit that they have the momentum.

When it comes to the style, this compilation does not differ significantly from the first part. Of course, for such a good album, which was ORGANIC BEATS VOL. 1, certainly it is an advantage. In both compilations we meet the artists who represent a deep sound with a characteristically outlined foot and although DJ Zen, who was responsible for the selection of the artists, this time he has chosen a completely different group (except the repeated Seamoon, who has managed to take part in two compilations ), it is easy to find the common elemement that connects the two parts. We start with TOWARDS THE LIGHT, which using its slightly oriental atmosphere is an ideal one for a prologue. Me gusta. Aforementioned Seamoon presents us the track SONIC SPARKLE, and I admit that I could bet that it would be (again) something definitely unique, once again I am not disappointed. For me, Seemoon is a brand in itself. A true essence of psychedelic chillout. RISING MOON is the typical sound, to which the Canadian label has accustomed us and which suits me very well. HEALING POWER that is Elea and Cell, and that (even without listening to the details of the track) is a herald of something really specific. The only thing I can fault here is the fact that the track seems to be a bit like there was a lack of an idea for the ending. I think that these artists could finish it in a much better style, but as I wrote earlier, the whole can be enjoyable. DMT. I am very curious which dmt in turn it is in psychedelic music ever? I can give a horse with a row to the one who could count it. The track is kept in a convenction of popularly called chillgressive, or a mixture of chillout and progressive. Like the track NO WHERE CLOSE 3.0, which although it develops very long, it finally poures us with the whole fusion of the energetic sounds. FIRE WITHIN in a collaboration performed by Terra Nine and Squazoid somehow did not quite convince me, and I must admit that if I were responsible for this compilation, this track like SPARKLE would not find a place in it, but as presumed, for sure also these tracks will find their followers. As an epilogue that ends the whole, we get the track USED TO GET HIGH 6.59 MST, which closes this disc in a little sentimental style.

ORGANIC BEATS VOL.2 is undoubtedly the album that presents a wide range of music. As it usually is in the case of this label, the album is not an average one for sure, and a way of selection of the tracks should appeal and satisfy the tastes of even those who believe that it is not quite that easy. Personally I think that once again Altar stood up to the task, and thus has raised the bar higher.


7 / 10