[ Rybnik i okolice ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Rybnik
    WHAT: music
    ALBUM: New Jazz City
    PARTY: contrabass workshops
    LIKE: brioszka with chocolate
    DISLIKE: raisins
    PRIVATELY: a student of mining and geology

Egzofonic is relatively new formation in our music-market, which seeks to combine its music on various levels. But the fact that the group does not have rich traditions absolutely does not translate into quality of the music they create. The group currently consists of: Brygida Stopa – vocals, Peter „Stona” Stoński – guitar, Szmyc – didgeridoo, Piotrek Korepta – congas, Mateusz Paszek – doublebass & kalimba. Egzofonic music based on improvisation, both classical instruments and a little more exotic with elements of psychedelia, which creates a unique atmosphere and allows you to go beyond the normal view of life.