Desert Dwellers ‎– Critters

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Desert Dwellers ‎– Critters
    Desert Dwellers

      1. Critters
      2. Dubsicle
      3. Survival Of The Chillest
      4. Parabolic
      5. Stellar Dendrites


In January 2013, a trio named Desert Dwellers, coming from overseas releases an EP (this is a symbol of the musical material, which is too long to call it a mere single, it cannot be qualified as a maxi single and it is also too short to be considered as a full-length album) entitled CRITTERS. This EP contains only five tracks, which are the new versions of some older pieces that oscillate around the glitchy-lounge species, that have appeared some time ago on various compilations such as for example: LEFT COAST LIQUID or BENEATH THE SURFACE, released by the label Native State Records.

The track beginning the whole, with a delicate slightly ambient colour, however it is not free from some lounge and glitch inserts prevailing both here and in all the other tracks. This is completely not my type, but I must admit that the guys from Desert Dwellers have coped with it really well.

The second in turn is the juicy, but still subtle, a little more dub, hot and summer DUBSICLE. It is the very strange and intriguing number, filled with a really characteristic bass line and some lazy pads. My mnemonics immediately raise my associations with a green meadow, on which I lie in the July heat, looking happily at the sky, forgetting about everything and everyone – I like those moments.

Cataleptic sounds, of which the tracks seethes, make me listen to it in an amazement. Oh, there are a lot of things going on here! A very psychedelic, somewhat dark convention of the track can not only cause a state of anxiety, but it also attracts the attention of the listener and makes that we have to listen to the track from the very beginning up to the last sound. It is just like watching a good thriller – the emotions and fear reach the zenith, and a desire to watch the movie to the end is bigger and does not allow us to stop it.

The calmer, much more sophisticated than its predecessor, PARABOLIC has a very esoteric nature and puts the recipient in a truly delightful, delectable state of acedia.

Definitely it is my favourite in the EP CRITTERS. The good, old Desert Dwellers in a nutshell. I can confidently say that the cabalistic and ethnic style featuring this track is definitely a showcase of this project and that is what I mostly appreciate it.

I admit that I have expected a little more from this material, perhaps because I associate Desert Dwellers with the product of the highest quality and all of their releases, which hitherto fell into my hands, were even sacralized by me. Over the years, they have managed to earn a name for themselves and I could blindly buy their releases, knowing that certainly I will not be disappointed. This time it is the same situation, because if exactly the same album was released by any other project, for sure now I would write that it is a discovery of our times. However, it could be expected more from the trio Desert Dwellers…

7 / 10