Twin Shape – In Transit

English / Polish version

Twin Shape - In Transit
    Twin Shape
    In Transit

      1. Standing Wave
      2. Crossing
      3. Connected


I like cases, fortuity because generally, thanks to them, you can find something unusual and absorbing our attention, and how boring would our lives be if there were not any random twists of fate. Quite often I also try to pry into different music skies and listen to things which name does not tell me anything at all, and only a brief search elucidates something. This time it is the same – the luck fell on quite a fancy name, Twin Shape. Twin Shape in its own way is an anonymous and little known character, quietly trying to reach a wide range of ambient audience. Through Ovnimoon Records we can come in contact with the work of Twin Shape, namely through an EP, IN TRANSIT. In this EP there are contained three tracks kept in a fairly similar arrangement and 'consistency’. A mixture of deep, progressive trance, with addition of vibrant psytrance, dressed in a mystical atmosphere, absorbs us into the remote depths of the majestic, downtempo kingdom. STANDING WAVE, CROSSING, CONNECTED, which are three separate, but very slightly different tracks, become for us one long, never-ending journey through the deepest recesses of our mind. Starting with the lightest, almost glaring with rays, utopian dreams, up to some wandering through the dark side, where every nook causes the goosebumps. Although on this journey we are going completely alone, even for a moment we cannot feel lost in this incredible, dreamlike journey. Another random luck works one hundred percent, and in the times when music affects us from all sides, it is extremely hard to have this kind of good luck. Twin Shape is really great and suitable for home and outdoor conditions, and therefore only one thing remains to us – nothing but wait for the next tracks of the mysterious, masked figure.

7 / 10