Hol Baumann – Scala

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Hol Baumann - Scala
    Hol Baumann

      1. Ephemera
      2. Ephemera (Remix by Gmk)
      3. Ephemera (Remix by Arpatle)
      4. Scala


SCALA is the latest EP created by Olivier Orand. The “native occupant of Lyon” as he says about himself is passionate about the “sound sculpture” and in his productions he seeks a balance between what is the most common and what goes beyond set boundaries. His debut album – HUMAN caused only a positive experience among psychill fans, it is a mix of downtempo, electronic and ethnic sounds that become a recognizable trademark of Hol Baumann. So, what can we expect from the latest EP? I can guess that some positive and energetic experiences. This time, the artist presents us only two tracks. The first one is EPHEMERA, which is shown in three independent remixes. Each track can be compared to a unique form of human. The first figure is energetic, but at the same time wandering somewhere in the cliffs and turquoise sea. Full of deep disbelief in the surrounding world, lost in a surreal space. The character dissolves, escapes, just as the time. This form is located here: [Image 1]

The second figure is monotonous, but screaming at the same time. It looks only ahead and walks. A shadowy, dark world follows this character step by step. It is appalling and incomprehensible creature whom no one loves. Embodies the fear of loneliness and rejection, its sad, empty gaze drills through all our layers of protection, and comes to our mind terrified. This figure looks like this: [image 2]

Form number three. Calmly and carefully watching us. Our world, our behavior, our habits. Becomes a person omniscient. Full of understanding and acceptance. Is the cornerstone for our soul. Watches over us and makes us fall asleep easily. This figure appears like this: [Image 3]

Title SCALA is a mixture of all the best in the music of Hol Baumann. Vigorously muffled beat gives the unique nature of our ambient journey. Penetrating sounds come to us from every recess, and the atmosphere prevailing winds here are all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow that leads through a green meadow, the blue ocean to the glowing sun. Our only choice is to drift. As here: [Image 4]

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8 / 10