[ Psylesia ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Acid Meadows
    WHAT: psychedelic
    PARTY: many
    LIKE: cold beer
    PRIVATELY: still a student

Bubblegum, or rather Jacek, his adventure with psychedelic music started rather in the most common way, because of the Twisted label, namely writing, from the Twisted founder – Simon Posford. For the first time as a DJ he played in 2002, but then his love of music oscillated around a slightly different varieties of electronic music. Then he started to work with the collective Midnightgroove. Years pass, and Jacek begins rediscovering his true musical destination. In 2006 he is drafted into the most famous in the south of Poland collective organizing psyparties, provided of course Psylesia. Bubblegum is known primarily from the progressive and minimal sets, and he is a true progressive virtuoso. If it comes to chillout music, we can easily see his fascination with species like: dub and other species with the characteristic bass line. Jacek is a good friend of the whole Ashoka team, that is way he is visible on almost all of our party.