[ Aspect of Valor ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Warsaw
    WHAT: dj, graphic designer
    ALBUM: too many of them
    PARTY: even more
    LIKE: eg. beer
    PRIVATELY: Karol
    Mystic Arts Event

DeSpool real name is Karol Wiszniewski. Residing in Warsaw, dj and graphic designer is probably one of the oldest figure of the psychedelic scene in Poland. He is also one of the first co-organizers of psychedelic events in our country. He started in the mid 90’s of last century with the formation of most famous Warsaw collectives such as: Hallabanaha, Aspect of Valor, V.Illusion and MAE at present.
DeSpool probably played everywhere. His sets are undoubtedly a fusion of psychedelic visions and sounds. When playing music he tries to present a large dose of emotion, bringing together all music genre from progressive through full on and goa. Trying to get to the most sophisticated audience – people, who listen to a story told in his set while dancing. He proposes them the best-known productions as well as the alternative labels.
It is impossible not to mention about other artistic achievements of DeSpool, (except his djing profession) he is known from his graphic skills. Who has had the opportunity to see a flyer DeSpool made, should appreciate his skills and we recommend to compensate the loss to the one who hasn’t seen it.