Tripswitch – Geometry

English / Polish version

Tripswitch - Geometry

      1. Circularity
      2. Concentric Circles
      3. Goldbach’s Conjecture
      4. Floating Point
      5. Strange Parallels
      6. Tesselation
      7. Harmonic Mean
      8. Stereogram
      9. Glide Reflection


When I was listening to a debut album of Tripswitch called CIRCUIT BREAKER for the first time, I was speechless with delight. When two years later appeared a reedition with an opening remix of EXILED performed by Gaudi, I was flying so high that my fall would be tragic. Since then, I have waited impatiently for his new album, imagining a moment when I will sit down to listen to it. Well, I have reached it, but as usual the reality has not met expectations of the imagination.

The first track CIRCULARITY leaves no doubt that here we can hear the music of Tripswitch from the speakers – the same light flaps accumulate forming a clear structure, which is much stronger than the components. An emerging climate is hypnotic, sleepy. I like a treatment of putting into such a state at the beginning of the album – it announces that a journey, which I will experience with its help, will be unreal and far from a boring world, before whom I seek a refuge in music. A guitar melody dissolves, deepening a sleepy feeling, but definitely some vague and airy sounds from the first part of the track work better for me. CONCENTRIC CIRCLES is a reminiscence of Tripswitch, who I miss. An atmospheric and spacious piece of a good chill with some amazing guitar parts and sensual vocals of Natasha Taylor. It was worth waiting for this album because of this track! By GOLDBACH’S CONJECTURE the album gains tempo and enables to swing our limbs, to return to an orbit of sleepy chill by using FLOATING POINT. Fortunately, only the first half of the track is sleepy, because from the fourth minute some cold key sounds give way to warm and soft beats. The track called STRANGE PARALLELS opens an unidentified instrument which is silent, giving a scope for the keys with a company of the guitar. For me, the track begins only when the beat comes – it just raises my ears and interest, and only this brings out the beauty of the guitar part. TESSELATION is a track that I buy from the first to the last minute – thanks to it I feel like I was listening to psybient for the first time. Its construction is very complex, surprising, some numerous varieties of downtempo music in well balanced proportions meet there. The construction of HARMONIC MEAN is similar to the first few tracks – it spinns quite a long time and eventually creates the typical for Tripswitch climate built on some twisted sounds, euphorically vibrating beats and instrumental parts which lead a forefront. Also there is no lack of the guitar sound in the next track STEREOGRAM, where the keyboard instruments give some very different tones than those heard in the album so far. They sound fresh and original. The farewell track GLIDE REFLECTION adds nothing new and unfortunately it is not a teaser like DEER PARK, which leaves us unsatisfied and hungry, which can make me eagerly waiting for the next album.

Actually, I do not have anything to which I could attach – the album is a climate and how tasty bite to crunch, but it lacks that something which I have found in the previous disc, and which made me wonder.

7 / 10
Beata Brzoza