Relax Mode – Placid Chill Grooves

English / Polish version

Relax Mode – Placid Chill Grooves
    Relax Mode – Placid Chill Grooves

      1. The Perfect Stranger
      2. Unconscious Reality
      3. Lonely On A Friday Night
      4. Rainfall
      5. Drops In Your Eyes
      6. The Last Samurai
      7. Scent Of A Girl
      8. Cosmic Spores
      9. Le Roi Est Mord, Vive Le Roi


Montagu & Golkonda, Symphonix, True Lies are really the brothers Sirko and Stefan Wötanowski, the founders of progressive label Blue Tunes Records. The history of the label goes back to the beginning of the year 2006 and especially it is not full of great successes. The best-known achievements are for example compilations: AMARASAYA or PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT. It should also be noted that Sirko and Stefan are among the main organizers of the festival Tshitraka Project. At one time the duo also tried its possibilities in a bit quieter and slower rhythms, resulting in RELAX MODE compilation released in 2008. It consists of nine tracks, and soon we shall see what they are.

The beginning is a quiet and relaxing THE PERFECT STRANGER, which is composed of delicate melody and a great number of humming, psychedelic sounds. Lauge & Baba Gnohm are floating plans for a very interesting journey. UNCONSCIOUS REALITY wakes us from a little bit of blissful relaxation and takes us in a mysterious metropolis inhabited by unidentified beings, wandering from one corner to another. Here you can feel the atmosphere of fear and anticipation, but also relaxation and satisfaction. LONELY ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. You want to say: who invented the title?! What is this Friday lonely night? It is melancholic, dark, dusky, too repetitive. If we can include the previous works in a series of relaxing and positive, this time Erot using his track gives us too many opportunities to return to what we would like to forget. Now I know where he had the idea for this and no other title. The fourth track in order surprises on the cover, because of an interesting duo of artists – Koan feat. Krusseldorf. A collaboration of ‘Japanese’ sounds and ‘sofa’ relaxation. It sounds extremely interesting and is really interesting. The fact that the Russians dipped their fingers in RAINFALL we will hear in the first second. Characteristic melody, deep beat, all sprinkled with a minimal pinch of Krusseldorf. The track is full of positive energy and light stamping with an admixture of lounge atmosphere. DROPS IN YOUR EYES is a track which came out from under hands of Wötanowski brothers. This is a good track of ‘splashing’ chill with fairly large amount of spoken vocals, bearing the pleasant beat and friendly atmosphere. LAST SAMURAI and once again the duo from Moscow. Visibility, characteristics. You can use whatever word you want and we will know exactly that it was Daniel and William. Anyway LAST SAMURAI starts the morning with the opening of the eyes by the last samurai, who sees through the window a thick suspension of fog. I think that the thing which describes this track the best are the words ‘koanic atmosphere’. And again Erot with his SCENT OF A GIRL about which you can not say too much. It is not distinguished by anything. It passes quickly and in our head remains nothing even the smallest mention. In COSMIC SPORES we can feel the Moscow style again but this time it is no longer so noticeable. Overridden by a deep and forceful beat and creaking sounds from everywhere. There is finally an idyllic atmosphere and there is a mood of expectation and deep meditation. The compilation completes N.O.K. with the spatial feminine vocal and slightly break beat. A mild and free crowning of the whole.

The whole is not surprising, nor irritating, and the compilation itself I would divide in two halves. The first one consists of very good, chill tracks, full of depth and psychedelic experience, and the second is Koan luxury noticeable on each side. Nonetheless, from time to time it is worth to return to the position served by Blue Tunes Records.

6 / 10