Androcell – Efflorescence

English / Polish version

Androcell - Efflorescence

      1. Process of Unfolding
      2. Neurosomatic Circuit
      3. Atmos-spheres
      4. Spectral Processor
      5. Natti Natti (Androcell rmx)
      6. Efflorescence
      7. Gnome Dosed
      8. Dub Crickets


Let us start with an etymology of a word EFFLORESCENCE… It is very probable that it derives from a Latin verb ‘efflorescere’ which means: ‘to bloom’, ‘to develop’, ‘to reach the plenitude of abilities’. The cover of the Androcell album released in 2006 also explains us the meaning of its title. Here a woman-plant is emerging from the water, one can see only her eyes, kind of not of this world and a yellow border around them; the nose, mouth remain underwater, and the most blatant are some leaves of an agave on her head… The leaves with an intensely green colour are covering her head like hair, they are starting blooming, on their tips one can see some tiny pink dots – just in a minute the head of the woman will be shimmering with new colours apart from the greenery… The woman does not want to leave the water, because she knows that the flowers will not have a possibility to develop without her… The album EFFLORESCENCE similarly to water, gives the development potentialities to such features as: the sensitivity, gentleness, sense of the good, beauty; it brings the relief, cool wind during the great scorching heat, but also warms up in the night covered with a coat of the cold…

Every next track of this album brings along a history, telling about ceaseless transformations which let the development, purification of some evil memories and in addition, shaping and creating new thoughts. It will be sufficient just to listen to ATMOS-SPHERES and at least for a moment to look at the music video to this track which is available at the given address: HERE, in order to become aware, to what kind of changes the world is a subject. I feel quite as if I alone was rising on one of the clouds; I am as light as a feather and the cloud on which I sit, is still transforming into something else, once it is big, once small, it is encountering some other clouds, it is inviting to itself some birds gliding nearby, it is dancing in the sky and while it is obscuring the sun, it gives some breathers from the heat to the people living somewhere down.

I am leaping from the cloud to another one… Now I am on one which is called NATTI NATTI… Gliding through the expanses, from the flight of a bird I can see everything what is under me; from the height I can admire some lively rivers, mountains reaching the sky, green meadows full of sheep. All the time a beautiful feminine voice is accompanying me; while listening to it, some shivers are passing through my back and only then I am discovering that this completely unearthly voice belongs to the woman-plant who is appointing the mouth of the water for a while and is singing the worshipful song for the nature which gave her rise to.

At the moment I am on the earth, and I am watching the clouds only when I am raising my head up; I went down only in order to enter the same water into which the woman-plant is plunging, because I want to bloom just as she has done it… I am entering a brooklet called EFFLORESCENCE and it is engulfing me entirely, I am taking his waters up the same as the flower which has not experienced the humidity for many days. Suddenly I am making myself aware of something unusual – I am alone becoming the woman-plant, however on my head appear some delightful blue flowers instead of some green leaves putting buds out…

The Androcell album is telling a very cohesive history in which the nature is at the forefront and it is establishing the principles of this world. Sometimes it is unpredictable, sometimes it is obvious what it will bring; it joins what is up in the air, supposedly unattainable – the sky with the thing which has been known for years – with the earth. It is worthwhile finding some time, closing the eyes and sailing with the current of what every next track of the album called EFFLORESCENCE gives.

9.5 / 10