[ Fantazja / MAE ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Warsaw
    WHAT: Flower Power
    LIKE: Chamtrance
    PRIVATELY: Wojtek
    Official site

Certainly he is one of the leader and founder of famous Warsaw psytrance collective. Fantazja, because that is the name of this group was set up in 2005 and since then the group organized a huge, considerable amount of real psychedelic parties. One of the most important is certainly a series of events called Apartamantra and Goattraction, it is worth mentioning about open air party called Laboratorium Stymulacji Dźwięku. As well as it cannot be forgetten to mention the memorable event with the participation of Filteria from Sweden.
Some time ago Salvi started to be involved also in organization of events called MEA, which is responsible for the greatest psychedelic events in Poland (for instance parties with such great artists as: Vibrasphere, Andromeda, Human Blue, Electric Universe or Braincell).
Music profile of Wojtek is an overview of all the most popular types of music classified as psytrance. In his sets you can hear the old, twisted goa, fast, pumping fullon, deep, powerful progressive, or in some special circumstances Salvi is able to play more gently. Great tracks selection served into his mixes, combined with impeccable technique cause that Salvi usually makes the crowd mad.