Bluetech – Love Songs To The Source

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Bluetech - Love Songs To The Source
    Love Songs To The Source

      1. Seed To Soil
      2. Green Sophia
      3. Change (Katrina Blackstone)
      4. Dread Inna Babylon (Dr. Israel)
      5. Two River Sisters
      6. Lay Your Sorrows Down
      7. Hanuman
      8. Waiting For Initiation
      9. Counting Out Stones (Dr. Israel)
      10. Polychrome Petroglyph (KiloWatts)
      11. Three Worlds
      12. Big Medicine (Mari Boine)
      13. To Mend
      14. Escape


I do not even remember exactly which album it is, perhaps I will only write that it is a next record of a well-known artist Evan Marc Bartholomew more associated as Bluetech. Probably there is no need to write at length a project itself because everyone who had a pleasure to encounter the music to which our portal is devoted at least to a small extent, met also this name. However, it is worth noticing a fact that for the first time Marc has published the complete album for very well-known, highly valued and liked label Interchill Records. Of course a fascination for his person has already begun appropriately earlier, because it will be sufficient to mention some compilations, for example: 13th MOON or BLIMINAL in which we can find the name of the artist recalled earlier. However, for the first time a stable Interchill which is well-known for its experimental pranks, decides to publish the complete album of Bluetech. What was the result of that fact? Read it by yourself.

What does differentiate above all LOVE SONGS TO THE SOURCE amongst the albums published by equally recognized manufacturing companies such as: Waveform, Aleph Zero, Thoughtless Music or Somnia? For sure a cover which (in my opinion) is felling the previous ones with a strength of the rushing jet aircraft. However, will it be arousing still the same admiration, when I add that it was designed by the world-famous graphic designer? I will also say that this graphic designer for a few pretty years is also being described with name ‘the apocalyptic art shaman’ or simply Android Jones (who still was not supposed to familiarize with his artistic work, should make it as soon as possible). Okay, the cover is certainly to the plus. However, let us concentrate on very music more, because it is supposed to be a proverbial cherry on the layer cake here. Fourteen brand new tracks are largely collaborations with such artists as: Katrina Blackstone, Dr. Israel, Lynx Demuth, Jamie Janover or KiloWatts. To all intents and purposes the tracks for which only Bluetech is responsible are limited to a modest number six. Of course it is not bad for the album, just the opposite – sometimes it is nice to listen to something what is extending a little bit beyond some common canons. Actually, speaking about a style it could be said that Evan rather does not stand in one place. The album clearly differs from previous ones, earlier we were accustomed to the best quality dub immersed in a psychedelic thicket of minimal sounds. Here we have the entire spectrum of different sounds, instruments, vocals, effects and actually I will not exaggerate, if I add that everything else for what the soul will feel a desire. However, an adequate harmony is not lacking here. GREEN SOPHIA together with its hypnotically sounding trumpet in the background, or it can even be heard in the foreground. DREAD INNA BABYLON is a typical dub production hooking almost the reggae, subtle swinging vocal, bringing to the thought the hot summer somewhere on an unguarded beach. LAY YOUR SORROWS DOWN came into existence in cooperation with Katrina Blackstone, however this vocal somehow is not entirely convincing me, although in the issue of the vocal I am just a very fussy reviewer, so you should not take my words for the certainty. HANUMAN – that is completely a nice touch and the bow in the direction of the Hinduism. I like the motifs of this type in the music very much, however this one in some fragments can seem a little bit pitiful and being extended by force. If I was supposed to assess the track as a whole, however without thinking I would raise the thumb up – that is then again to the plus. POLYCHROME PETROGLYPH, i.e. the track recorded as the cooperation with KiloWatts effectively wakes us from the lethargy with its dub and minimal sounds. In the similar climate are also held the tracks: THREE WORLDS, BIG MEDICINE (here I like the vocal very much, I associate it with Shpongle) and ESCAPE.

Intentionally I did not focus on every track individually, because I acknowledged that it does not make sense, why? The reason is simple – I think that tracks included in LOVE SONGS TO THE SOURCE every now and then seem to be very similar to the ones which we have already had the chance to hear in this album. So I would have to write about the individual tracks in the same way. However, it is hard to recognize it as a sort of defect, because the integrity comes out at least well. You should just like Bluetech in order to fancy this album.

7 / 10