Quanta – Overflow

English / Polish version

Quanta - Overflow

      1. Uprising
      2. Overflow
      3. Recept
      4. Twisted Strains
      5. Center Of The Lamp (Bonus Track)


Enig’matik Records is one of the many netlabels which grow in strength and gain the attention of the audience in an expansive way. This label originated in Australia, and specifically in Melbourne, headed by a man called Sun In Aquarius has a great personality of each of the artists from the collective, and many of their productions can be downloaded for free, or for the proverbial 'few pennies’ but in this case it will be a few Australian cents. As they say about themselves, it is the fidelity to their own music convictions, following one true way to explore the further music territories which are the main targets, by which they are guided. It is enough only to look at the list of artists associated with this release, and at once we can spin some suspicions that we will not be disappointed, because the names such as: Auma, Kalya Scintilla, Sensient, Kilowatts speak for themselves. However looking at the list of artists, some names do not tell me anything, that is why I would love to reach for new, previously unexplored territories, and using this album, or rather an EP worth 4 dollars I will try to satisfy my curiosity. One of the unknown artist to me until now is a man called Quanta, whose EP, OVERFLOW was released in April 2012. Shane Harris, as he says, from his earliest years was involved in everything that had any contact with the music, and as a multi-instrumentalist he has earned a distinctive style, which allows him to make a perfect combination of many species, and the opportunity to improve his technique. That is how the EP, OVERFLOW was created, which is a mixture of dub coming from distant corners of the globe, a popular dubstep and melting downtempo. Starting from the piercing track called UPRISING, endowed even with a swirling, trembling bass line that pierces our trembling body, we go to the atmospheric and infecting our body track OVERFLOW. Both of these tracks are a very successful fusion of the best of the lazy downtempo and dub that causes goose bumps. Very similarly our body and mind will react to some more tracks of this EP. Both RECEPT, TWISTED STRAINS and CENTER OF THE LAMP are maintained in a smooth dub rhythm, with a slight and almost imperceptible addition of dubstep, as it is in the case of the track TWISTED STRAINS. The EP OVERFLOW is really a piece of good and reliable chillout dub, which personally I do not like very specifically, but thanks to Enig’matik Records with a great pleasure I will reach for the next production of the Quanta project as well as I would be happy to look at the other artists of this fairly specific label.

7 / 10