CJ Art

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CJ Art
    WHERE: Warsaw
    WHAT: deep & mystical progressive music
    ALBUM: eg. Legends Of The Past
    PARTY: plenty
    LIKE: dark side
    PRIVATELY: Artur
    Official site

At the parties known as CJ Art, for friends and acquaintances – he is just called Artur. Under this nickname hides a young and talented dj and producent from Warsaw. As he says, he has been associated with music and radio (Frisky Radio) since he can remember. A turning point for him was the year 2004 and promotion to a final of a competition 'Global DJ Broadcast Contest’ organised by Markus Schulz, where he could stand on equal footing with such producents and djs like: Terje Bakke or Rein de Vries. The next step in Art’s career was a cooperation with Tymoteusz Cypla and creating a project called Spiral In – Groove and a result of that fact was a track Soundctuary, released and supported by a label of John Fleming (JOOF Rec.). The collaboration with John resulted also a remix of the track Fused. The following musical step of Artur is a continuous friendship and cooperation with Tymek, but also the appearance of some solo projects such as: Tetragrammaton or Sophrosyne and the collaboration with many labels (Progrezo Records, L2 Music, Vise Versa Music, Carica Deep, Mestiza Records or Phatt Sounds). CJ Art is supported by a whole crowd of artists from Poland and from all over the world, which can proclaim that he has got some uncommon skills. Artur can not be closed in some framing and standards taken from above. He adores getting inspiration from different sources, but most of all he adheres a principle: 'the music must be equipped with the specific depth… you can reach it even by using two skillfully matched simple sounds – that kind of sounds which will move the gray matter’.