Entheogenic – Anthropomorphic

English / Polish version

Entheogenic - Anthropomorphic

      1. Luminous Child
      2. Tonglen
      3. Spirit Molecule
      4. Soma (Veda Mix)


I will not deny that Entheogenic is one of my favourite projects. It’s my favourite one since 2002, when I first had the opportunity to hear their album having the same title, released by 3D Vision Relax. Since then, their every album is special to me, but in fact the actual power of the project Entheogenic you can see, while just listening to their live performances. In May 2013 through Universal Symbiosis Records appears the second EP in their career, having a very eloquent title – ANTHROPOMORPHIC. The EP contains only four tracks, but as befits Entheogenic, the whole lasts more than fourty minutes of a completely fresh material that not only gives you a tingle on the back, but both allegorically and literally moves into another dimension.

The conscious and coenesthetic euphoria fills me after hearing the first sounds, it is something like a delicious meal, that you have not tasted for a long time and finally you can try it again. Fortunately the taste remained the same. I love their organic and as many say – a bit 'floral, plant’ style, and listening to Entheogenic I experience a similar experience as the one from the year 1998, when into my hands fell the album of Shpongle, entitled ARE YOU SHPONGLED? and although immediately I want to point out that the styles of those two projects are completely different, you can feel that there is a common element connecting the two.

Probably not everyone knows that TONGLEN is Practice of Giving and Taking – also known as the meditation of Atisha’s heart, one of the strongest practices of Mahayana Buddhism. It involves working with a deep-rooted reflex scheme of the recourse from the experience of pain and the desire to quickly get pleasure; this kind of unconscious approach is sometimes metaphorically referred to as covering a wound with flowers. In its assumption tonglen helps to develop compassion for all beings. And just in case of this title there can be no fortuity. This raises my associations with the Buddhist gomps, monks and seeking for the peace of mind.

Whoa! How I love this kind of tracks! Once again the words seem to be too limited, so I would be able to describe this track. It is delicate, yet so powerful, with an engaging vocal, which occasionally manifests itself, setting the listener into a hypnotic trance, which he does not want to leave. Some characteristically scratched, forever roaming, magnetizing tracts of sounds emit an amazing energy, which even emanates from this track.

For a dessert, we have SOMA, which definitely stands out from the subtle whole. The pace moves here definitely on the plus, and the listener woken up from a state of sloth is flooded with a fusion of psychedelic sounds that do not allow to sit idly. There is the power in it!

When another release of the project Entheogenic comes, it always makes me happy; their every album is a hard work, reliable performance, and a whole polished to the perfection, which outlines its presence in our pineal gland like a nail on the glass and does not allow us to forget about it. This was in the case of all the previous albums, which became even icons for me, and so is ANTHROPOMORPHIC – the album, which certainly can not be called an average one…

9 / 10