English / Polish version


      1. Realms Of Jupiter
      2. Folding Strings
      3. Visitors Of Gaia
      4. A Deep Breath
      5. Soulfly
      6. Like We Know
      7. Eostrae
      8. Endless
      9. Life
      10. Bipolar Eclipse
      11. Chilling Plastics


Somehow I did not have a lot of hope, when a compilation called PSYDERCHILL fell into my hands for the first time. The music market is currently flooded with a million of bad or worse albums, to which no one should devote his time even for one hearing. However, from time to time there will be some gem. Definitely it is this kind of case with the compilation PSYDERCHILL, released by a germinating label Psyderweb Records. As the album was released only in a digital format, you can speculate that the label was made only for that purpose, but I hope this is just a beginning and soon we will be able to listen to some next productions which will appear under the wings of the label mentioned previously. However, if you are looking for so-called ‘Big names’, which rank at the forefront of the psyworld, you will surely be disappointed, because certainly you will not find them too much here, though I can add that there are several known aliases. However, if you are looking for some phenomenal music, which could not be ignored even by the stars I have mentioned earlier, I can assure that you came to the right address.

The compilation contains eleven very different tracks – here we can experience some sounds oscillating around such species as: ambient, dub, downtempo or lounge, but they are intertwined with each other quite masterfully, in a manner that does not fatigue our ear. Harmonic Frequency, who is responsible for a selection and arrangement of the tracks in the album, did a really solid piece of work. It is perfect!

The album is definitely not a type of calque, in which you can find some ‘rehashed chops’. Here you will listen to some interesting innovative tracks of the artists who are maybe less known, but for sure of those who still want to do something valuable and you can see or actually hear it in every track in the compilation PSYDERCHILL. The sounds which are curiously matched in terms of a composition certainly are not this type of chillout that you can listen to only at the bedtime, or use as a backdrop to everyday life. I assure you that the spectrum of possibilities of this compilation is much wider.

Let me do it in another way this time – I will not focuse on describing each track individually (as I often have a habit to do it in this manner), because I would have to duplicate all things eleven times. Yes, yes, eleven times! I found no weak points here and really there is nothing to attach. The tracks are refined in every detail, and the whole was buttoned up to the last button. I would wish first of all to you and me just such compilations. Paradoxically PSYDERCHILL is completely free, it can be for example downloaded from the portal Ektoplazm – and believe me you should do it.

9 / 10