Asura – Code Eternity

English / Polish version

Asura - Code Eternity
    Code Eternity

      1. Like a Summer Day
      2. Trinity
      3. Simply blue
      4. Phoenix
      5. Code eternity
      6. Territories part one
      7. XP Continuum


CODE ETERNITY is a feast for a body and soul, a ceremony of connecting all senses into a whole which is unusually hermetic. The first album of a group Asura released in 2000 by the Infinium Records, which later was renamed to Ultimae Records thanks to Vincent Villuis and Mahiane aka Sunbeam. Owing to an extraordinary sensitivity of the contemporary members of the team Asura – Charles Farewell and Vincent Villuis, the album which is a pearl gleaming from the depth of the psychill ocean have landed up in our hands. What is the phenomenon of this CD? Where does its timeless character come from? These and some other questions I will try to answer in my review.

On the website of Asura we will find the following sentence determining the album CODE ETERNITY:

‘Containing deep groove analog sounds, trance rhythms and an overflowing cup of ambient dub elements, it showed that ambient music could sometimes be more powerful than upbeat dance music’.

How very true! This album indeed has a power, energy which source one would like to discover. CODE ETERNITY in itself hides a depth, an uncanny secret, sometimes a dark landscape; its sounds have a hypnotizing action. Every track of this album leads the soul into a state of trance – a condition of the spiritual freedom and feeling the nonlimitation of time and space. The style of Asura is unusually expressive, their every CD starting from CODE ETERNITY is being created kind of to the pattern of some ancient mystery in which not every daredevil can participate – people with pure souls and free from concerns of our earthly world are needed for a full devotion to the sounds of CODE ETERNITY. In order to become such a man, it is sufficient to get rid of some negative emotions, to devote oneself into the shoulders of silence and after a moment just to be ready to accept some portions of music which can change our life…

The album of Asura from 2000 has the cleaning power thanks to the fusion of some elements of goa, ambient, ethnic instruments, sounds, singing not of this world. While listening to the tracks forming CODE ETERNITY I have a feeling that even though they have a similar style and are created in a certain convention, however everyone of them is different and various elements dominate in it. The number of tracks is also significant – there are seven of them and it is known that from the ancient times number ‘7’ was regarded as magical.

In case of this album, an interesting issue is the fact that it combines a lot of areas, it is characterized by a diversity of images and associations. Listening to CODE ETERNITY once more, I smell again the presence of ancestors, the influence of some cultures from every place of the world; some oriental instruments appear – this is one pole of this album. On the second pole I can hear some cosmic sounds, I watch a musical experimentation on the human organism. When I was listening to this CD for the first time, in front of my eyes appeared an image of an old castle which from the outside shows up in all its splendor – one can see that it has got some solid foundations, its walls are not destroyed (even though they are whipped by the wind). However its inside hides some secrets which remain undisclosed. A bridge leads to the centre of the castle people craving for the adventure which is dark and dangerous but also very exciting. For me CODE ETERNITY is like the castle which apart from the majestic outside layer keeps huge depths and the secret which is worth knowing.

10 / 10