Sysyphe – Running Up That Hill

English / Polish version

Sysyphe - Running Up That Hill
    Running Up That Hill

      1. Hada
      2. Follow The Light
      3. Missing Time
      4. Spellbound
      5. Legend Of Winter
      6. Handfasting (Magic Wedding)
      7. Ashes
      8. Pandora
      9. Sinking
      10. Waves After Waves


Well, well, well. Once again it turns out that in France a monopoly of which Ultimae could be proud in the long term, is already a history. Hadra Records is a rapidly developing label which has its base in Grenoble. However Hadra is not only the label, for a few years its team is also an organiser of the Hadra Trance Festival which from year to year is becoming more popular. The French put above all the professionalism. The music, decorations, shops but above all the climate and atmosphere are probably the main advantages of the recalled party. However let us concentrate on the album which I want to review.

Probably I should start by introducing a little bit a project called Sysyphe which consists of only one person – Philip Contamin. Earlier he was connected with a little bit different music (rock), inspired by such groups as: The Cure, Mission, Dead Can Dance, finally he discovers his true vocation. He starts listening to and feeling a real joy from the music thanks to some formations: The Orb or even Solar Quest. In 1994 he buys his first vinyl plates (mainly from the TIP Records) and he focuses more on the dance music until the time, when in 1995 he hears the live concert played by The Orb, after which he definitely decides to slow down the tempo. Since then he focuses on the music which is described as the downtempo and performs mainly as a dj playing some delicate sounds, fluctuating around the ambient music, until the breakthrough in his career in 2010, when appears his debut album RUNNING UP THAT HILL. Of course some more perceptive recipients certainly encountered Sysyphe at such compilations as: SONIC ATMOSPHERE or HADRAVISION – A CHILLOUT EXPLORATION.

RUNNING UP THAT Hill, i.e. the universal guide of running uphill. We are starting! HADA – a prologue. The track which begins the album is leading us subtly into the world of Sysyphe. At the beginning nothing special, but quickly it is being transformed in a melodiously moving us dub rhythm. A temporary surprise, confirming me only in the belief that it will be good. FOLLOW THE LIGHT – how I like it, when the floor is shuddering exactly this way. The bass line causes some pleasant vibrations going gradually through my body, perfectly merging with the vocal which gives even lazier tone. MISSING TIME – a resuscitation of the sleeping mind. And once again I ask myself the same question: could something simple be excellent? The power built on the simplicity of the sound, the timeless building and a time machine in one. Second after second it is warming up, evoking narcotic desire, that one still wants more… SPELLBOUND – yeah, of course. The title is matched for one hundred per cent, to me it is difficult even to invent another which would be more accurate and conveyed the condition in which I am listening to this track. It is definitely one of my favourites in this album. Thumbs up! LEGEND OF WINTER – and it still rocks. Listening to this track, I have a feeling that from very beginning I am listening to one production, but what is stranger I would like to listen to it still at least to the end of the album. Paradoxically (with reference to the title) for me it is a very holiday track. HANDFASTING (MAGIC WEDDING) is the next holiday arrangement which gives the natural bliss which you do not want to leave. At once it reminds me the time spent in the chillout stage during some summer festivals. It is an overwhelming carefree manner. ASHES – a mythical bird Phoenix which was regarded as the symbol of the sun and eternal rebirth. Some mythological accents turn up very often in the album of Sysyphe. Another good or even outstanding track. PANDORA – the Pandora’s box has been opened once again but this time differently than in the mythology it is pouring on us a dub cocktail full of warm sounds. SINKING – now you can really get drowned in the overflow of pleasures delivered to our senses. I do not think at all where the title comes from, because it perfectly reflects the climate present in the track. WAVES AFTER WAVES – in conclusion. A soft landing. A very soft landing.

Probably I have already written everything. I will only admit, that the album moved me very vigorously… It even moves me everytime I listen to it. It is really a splendid work and now we should only wait for the next productions of Sysyphe.


9 / 10