[ Stay Psychedelic ] English / Polish version

    WHERE: Gdańsk
    WHAT: chill out dj
    ALBUM: many
    PARTY: too many
    LIKE: goa
    DISLIKE: full on
    PRIVATELY: Stay Psychedelic


In the group, he is a a dragon who is responsible for the consistency of young talent with nature and ill-fate. He tries to collect artists – eccentrics, connects individuals to the whole group of Project Stay Psychedelic.
The father and director. His adventure with psytrance / goa started as many – unconsciously. Psytrance met through Scouting Broadcasting, later known as Radiostacja, where L. Rakowski and Aga Sielanczuk tucked into his head a lot of psychedelic sounds, and changed his worldview. In 1998 he bought the first number of Techno Party magazine with the first psytrance album – and already knew what will be heard throughout his life. It was then that he was on his first psytrance party at Orbital Club and has fallen in love with this music for the rest of his life. What he saw changed his whole view on the current music and clubbing. Since that time, along with his friend, Michael T. (SunSari, Trapper) go to all these events, delving into the atmosphere even more…

„I love psytrance with all its contents mystery, sadness, joy, labyrinths and corridors. The only thing I like more are people who come to these events, they are exceptional freaks, specifically, openminded and crazy.”