Electrypnose – Sweet Sadness

English / Polish version

Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness
    Sweet Sadness

      1. A5sention
      2. Histoire D’histoire
      3. A Part Of Myself Is Somewhere Else
      4. Sady
      5. Triste Gaite
      6. A Wasp At The Fairies
      7. Out There
      8. Triste Vie
      9. Perle De Vie
      10. Dramatic Orchestra
      11. El Cornio (Second Chapter)
      12. Peurs Et Pleurs


I do not think I could get a better gift at the end of this year’s holiday. A label called Suntrip Records is recognized by me as one of the most rapidly developing stable, oscillating around the wider psychedelic music. In September 2010 their next child comes out, this time it is a long awaited album of Electrypnose. After a long break lasting two years (FUNKED UP) and four years (SUBLIMINAL MELANCHOLIES), a next downtempo production was shown to the world – it was entitled SWEET SADNESS.

Tous les genres sont bons hors le genre ennuyeux…
(Every kind of art is good apart from the boring one…)

Electrypnose. An electronic hypnosis, which is conducted by Vince Le Barde (whose real name is very Polish – Vincent Rybicki, although he has little to do with our homeland). SWEET SADNESS is a real treat for all the travelers through the ‘subconsciousness’. Just after the first sounds which I was able to hear, my intuition told me that it must be good. My eyes close involuntarily, and an euphoric smile of satisfaction appears on my face. Oh yes! Old, good Electrypnose does not disappoint this time also. The neurons begin to reach faster and transmit hidden information in more accurate way, the senses become more heightened, every sound is felt in the individual and unique manner. The hippocampus is switched off and after a while we can not remember almost anything. Vincent, man, how do you do it?

Naturam expellas furca, tamten usque recurret…
(Though you cast out the nature by pitchforks, she always returns …)

Second part of the electrohypnosis. A musical preceptor exploring the mysticism of the nature that surrounds us. Each track in the characteristic way takes us into the ever changing, new and unknown places. A wandering on the ground which is cracked from the sun, where we move in a grass which is sterile and scorched from the heat. In a moment we have the opportunity to wade through the wild, untamed jungle, filled with ferns of fractal shapes. Every sound, murmur, even the breeze of the wind we can feel on our body. Is it possible to go further? Deeper? Everything is just a matter of our mind, you only need to close your eyes just for a second and you will understand what I am writing about. Electrypnose is a method proven in one hundred percent, unfortunately highly addictive. After its completion you want a next session, and then again the next one and so on to the infinity…

Terra repromissionis…
(The Promised Land …)

A pan pipe, or maybe it is a shawm that announces to us that it is time to wake up. Could it approach the end? It is just like during a visit to the psychoanalyst. The eyes slightly open and again we are in ‘our’ world. It is hard to believe that it is the end. Electrypnose once again proves its rank. It shows us that it certainly has clinched a place among a list called Top Psychedelic Downtempo Artists. I admit that the four years that Vincent commands us to wait for his next album, were not only infinitely long, but also raised doubts about the quality of the album. Fortunately, after a few first tracks they have been allayed. I can recommend SWEET SADNESS with full responsibility to every amateur of the psychedelic sounds (and those certainly are not lacking here).


8 / 10