Shpongle – The God Particle

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Shpongle - The God Particle
    The God Particle

      1. Before The Big Bang
      2. The God Particle

Shpongle. And all sounds the universe is giving are falling quiet. They are falling silent in order to let us sink for a moment in a merger of the most psychedelic sounds, which you could (or not) only imagine. Anything you would write about them, this duet (actually a far more bigger group is powering this team) still will defend himself alone. It is a sort of a prestigious brand, which, though sometimes puts some ‘trash’ on the market (however do not look for an analogy with the EP reviewed by me), it still does not lose customers. It is similarly with the project Shpongle, no matter what they release, people will take it in bulk. Shpongle from the very beginning of the psychedelic trance/chillout music are its icon, and anyone who has ever started an adventure with this music, should start from them. At the turn of some years that have passed since their debut album ARE YOU SHPONGLED? was released, none of the artists I know was able to ‘fake’ their unique style which is recognizable already after the first sounds.
In 2010, the EP entitled THE GOD PARTICLE was released by a British label called Twisted Records. It includes (only) two tracks, but it is really worth listening. Additionally it is worth noticing also that this time in the project Shpongle was also involved Simon’s ‘younger brother’ – Benji Vaughan (Prometheus, Younger Brother), who has presented his ‘shpongle’ nature which was unknown to anyone. And from my point of view, it is pretty good so he should keep it that way. I must also admit that often while listening to some albums that have emerged from the wings of Twisted Records, I wonder what pressure must be exerted on those musicians, when they release another album. I also think what must be done to maintain a level at least equal to the album which was released earlier, not lower a bar which has already sprung up, and above all, in spite of having the unique style, not duplicating what has already been released …, damn difficult matter.
Shpongle-marsh… using these words someone has once described a climate that prevails in the music of Shpongle and I think that it is difficult to think of a more accurate definition for that. Here you can still feel ‘the spirit’ of good old Shpongle, exactly the same, who have appeared in 1998 and who accompany me to this day. Every time when I was listening to this EP, there came to my mind (quite unnecessary) a question what music it really is? How can it be classified? Is it downtempo? Where can you find any innovations here? Every further question gave rise to a next one, however it was difficult for me to define a sensible answer to any of them. It is widely known that music should be listened and we should not ask it questions, but just in case of this project it seems to be impossible. Thus, there only remains for us to listen to some different sounds, in which we get almost psychedelic images that accompany the next passing sequences.

In conclusion, I have always believed that the music of Shpongle is the music you should receive in an individual way (it is so diverse that it is difficult to find some similarities in the perception with other listeners), and therefore (according to me) it works a lot more for example when you walk alone in a mountainous forest than during a concert (of course I had an opportunity to be present at a few gigs of Shpongle and to be honest, it is really worth participating). And if anyone ever ask you to define further what is actually this psychedelic music, for the beginning you only need to recommend this reviewed EP.


9 / 10