Anahata – Doors To Avalon

English / Polish version

Anahata - Doors To Avalon
    Doors To Avalon

      1. Doors To Avalon
      2. Aftertrip
      3. Harmoni
      4. Sirene Call
      5. Time Strings
      6. Contact
      7. Dawn Flyght


High, brass…, covered with some climbing green plants, one can see that they have not been used for ages, there are some webs in their corners. A huge staple lightly reddish from the rust is firmly slid back. Additionally, there is a large log of wood on their entire breadth, apparently somebody really went to a lot of trouble to bolt them. I am going up closer. Just a little more. Now they really seem huge to me. They are probably around eight metres high. I am raising my head and with an effort I notice their arched end. Some strange anxiety is accompanying me, hmm… and perhaps I should however read it as the sign in order not to enter? No! I have been searching for them for too long in order to turn back now. I have travelled such a long way in order now ordinarily to turn on the heel. My eyesight constantly is studying their every detail. On the left, the brass head of the lion and the huge lightly soiled knocker which it is holding in its teeth. Whatever! It’s do or die – I think. I am taking it into the hand, it is really heavy. I am losing my grip… Knooock, knooock – the metallic sound is ringing in my ears. Suddenly the delicate wind is starting to rustle with the grapevine; I can hear that the staple spontaneously is starting to move into the left side. The bolting log is falling down and it smashes into the ground – some rotten scraps of wood are bouncing from the base firmly. The wind ceased… and suddenly very slowly and gently… they are starting to open. It succeeded – I think. It is unimportant what there will be, but it is important that it came off! The fear, joy, terror, euphoria are alternating one another. The most important thing is that I am here! I have reached it! The riddle of the mankind has been solved. Alone I will be able to become convinced what is behind them. Only a second and I will be there right away. I will cross their threshold. I will learn, what they are watching over so immemorially, what they are hiding. There are so many legends, myths and stories. Now I, alone will be able to become convinced, if they are true. It is meaningless whether I will come back one time, whether I will be able to cross them again. It does not matter. I am determined, certain even more than at any time during my life. I am entering…! I have opened them – DOORS TO AVALON.

10 / 10