Desert Dwellers – Recalibrated Vol.1

English / Polish version

Desert Dwellers - Recalibrated Vol.1
    Desert Dwellers
    Recalibrated Vol.1

      1. Bodhi Tree Dub
      2. Crossing The Desert
      3. Misty Mountain
      4. Moonlit Horizons
      5. New Generation
      6. Snake Charmer
      7. Spaces Between
      8. Taking Flight
      9. Trail Of Nomads


For the first time I have encountered the work of Desert Dwellers in 2006, when their freshest album DOWNTEMPLE DUB – FLAMES fell into my hands, which has become almost a talisman for me, to which I have returned dozens of times. Desert Dwellers is a very specific and easily recognizable formation, although it is not closed in one genre of music and it experiments with many sorts of electronic music such as: full on psytrance, progressive, tribal, glitch, downtempo, ambient, dub and broadly defined world music. From the very beginning, I have enjoyed the style which is typical for them, developed over the years, distinctive, deep and ethnic.

RECALIBRATED VOL.1 is not only the work of the above-mentioned artists. Originally it was, because all the tracks included in the album had previously seen the day light, but in this record we can find some new versions of older tracks that have been remixed by artists such as: Kaminanda, Kaya Project, Blue Lunar Monkey or even Temple Step Project. I admit that it gives a really interesting effect when you can listen to the tracks which you have known earlier and now they are in new arrangements, enriched with a completely new sound. Of course, the oriental atmosphere, to which Desert Dwellers were able to get used to us, has been preserved and constantly breaks through, going to the foreground. Some thrilling, monotonous and rhythmically repetitive vocals are a kind of a mantra; they make me lethargic and clearly remind me of the rites of passage, of something about the spiritual and metaphysical dimension – for sure you will understand what I mean, for example listening to: SNAKE CHARMER or TAKING FLIGHT. All is topped with the mystical, oriental atmosphere that mesmerizes the listener and takess him in an incredible journey through the Buddhist temples, showing the strength that may be a result of the intuitive, supernatural power flowing from the practice of concentration and ESP. It is the music that you simply absorb; every time it brings the same fond memories, even though the reception of it is completely different.

Desert Dwellers is coming from overseas, undoubtedly exceptionally talented project, powered by a trio consisting of: Amani Friend, Treavor Moontribe and Rara Avis (as you probably have noticed the names do not sound like from the U.S.A.), which for several years has a great interest among the world of downtempo productions and has managed to build up a solid brand. The album that I have reviewed, RECALIBRATED VOL.1 is certainly not only a must have one but I do not hesitate to use the phrase that it is one of the best albums released in 2012. The artistry, to which I managed to get used to by this project, simply melts me; I have not had the opportunity to hear such a good material for a long time. Hats off!

9 / 10