Ascent And Argus – Beyond Sight

English / Polish version

Ascent And Argus - Beyond Sight
    Ascent And Argus
    Beyond Sight

      1. Rain In Chords
      2. Beyond Sight
      3. One Day In India
      4. Shining Star
      5. Indian Spirit
      6. Whisper
      7. Secret Temple
      8. Melody Through Time
      9. Inner Peace


Apparently nothing tastes the same for the second time. Many times I have heard those words and actually very often I have convinced myself that these words are not thrown to the wind and have their real meaning. Practically never this situation happens in a case of ambient music and all varieties of calm and relaxing sounds. Once again, I have realized that some listenings are never boring, what’s more, every time you press the magic button 'play’, they taste much better, tighter, more delicious. By coincidence (though for me it is usually this case), while looking for something 'just to sleep’, I tried an album so far unknown to me, BEYOND SIGHT (although the fact that it was released by Ovnimoon Records helped me a bit in the blind choosing).

Who are Ascent & Argus? These people are Serbs from Krusevac, whose productions are reflected by an increasing echo at the psybient stage. For several days it is just BEYOND SIGHT that gives me a great pleasure while I’m falling asleep, and each evening time it becomes a special and unique moment for me. I can confidently say that when in the speakers appears RAIN IN CHORDS, thus begins the celebration of the moment when falling asleep. It would be difficult for me to lay out the disc into pieces and focus on each track individually. Indeed, you could play here in a deep analysis of each sound, but for me the whole point of listening, or rather falling asleep, loses its value here. BEYOND SIGHT is a liquid medicine for insomnia, every sound melts in our head, and any kind of worry or care escapes into oblivion. There is no lack of depth and distinctive, psychedelic sound, there is no lack of culture and climate of the East, and our imagination exceeds all previous boundaries, and we can feel like we have just found ourselves anywhere else on Earth. The Serbian duo by using some delicate sounds, brings the body into total relaxation state and also allows the mind to feel a little bit lost in a pleasant delight for a moment. In this album, as I mentioned earlier, there are no favourites in the form of individual tracks, but as the whole it fits like a masterpiece, and anyone who needs to fly away to another world for a little while, anyone who needs to get rid of gray days and impending winter, should as soon as possible apply the evening with BEYOND SIGHT. I recommend it truly! And now I go to sleep…

8 / 10