Yggdrasil – Prose Edda

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Yggdrasil - Prose Edda
    Prose Edda

      1. Don’t Feed The Toadstools
      2. Beyond The Borders Of Sanity
      3. Flying Sausage
      4. Headfoam Jack
      5. Everyone Is Looking
      6. Meat Your Chops
      7. Amazing Gnejs


It starts very well. Do not eat poisonous mushrooms. Certainly Yggdrasil is not a poisonous fungus. Dynamic, well-tailored music causing an immediate association with Shpongle, or his younger brother. A lot of fresh sounds and grandeur on the album. All paths of the rhythm deserve some special recognition – the bass and drums in harmony with each other constitute a solid base … Um, just only for what?

It is really good that this album came into being – I think that chasing Posford, although doomed to defeat, will be good for every artist. But the first paragraph is all I can write good about this album (though it is not so little). Some reservations can be described by the example of the second track, BEYOND THE BORDERS OF SANITY – hm, this track is not so crazy. A very good rhythm section, some massive drums and a similar bass. In comparison with the database the rest is quite wistfully, as if someone had promised: ‘I will kick you soon’ and still lingers with the introduction of words into action. This music is characterized by an almost complete lack of the main theme, that is to say ‘the lead’. For sure to advantages of that track I include the ending – a soothing combination of the classical bass (you can even feel the weight of the guitar) and some emerging pianos.
But further it is the same, as it was – that is a rhythm section attacking like a bull and rachitic so called lead. What a pity. I wonder why is it so. Maybe Yggdrasil wanted to do an ambient record, while taking the inspiration from Shpongle? Unfortunately, if so, it could not be successful. Certainly Shpongle is no ambient – the leading motives are a clear figure, the axis of the drama. PROSE EDDA does not contain explicit motives, and for this reason it could be treated like ambient. Well, it can not be done, because the devastating rhythm does not allow to treat it that way. And probably that is the cause why it is difficult to me to enjoy this album – it evokes a feeling of hunger, dissatisfaction.

Ok, I have grumbled. It is enough. For sure I would like to hear the next album of Yggdrasil. Certainly this kind of music could not be made by the sampler instead of the musician – a lot of work should be done. For sure you can feel this work on the PROSE EDDA release. Only a strong spine, hands and a head could be added to these mighty legs – and it will be perfect.

7 / 10
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