Enhanced Perception

English / Polish version

Enhanced Perception
    WHERE: Wałbrzych / Wrocław
    WHAT: Progressive, Ambient & Chill Out
    ALBUM: plenty
    PARTY: those which we take part in
    LIKE: good tunes
    DISLIKE: commerce
    PRIVATELY: Bartek i Kuba
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A project called Enhanced Perception is co-created by two DJs: Vasyl and dj3500. It has operated since 2007 as a program on an internet radio. Since the summer 2011 the guys has been playing also at some psytrance parties.
Their roots are trance and progressive music, specifically progressive breaks and chillout, ambient and downtempo. However, they do not consider that the species are the most important. They do their best rather to make their mixes emotional, atmospheric and addictive – the atmosphere is the most important thing for them.
Their hobby is to provide the listeners with the excellent, though little-known music, at the same time proving that in the electronic music you can find much more than you can see at the first sight. Hence also comes the name of their project – Enhanced Perception, which is the expanded perception of the world of music. However, as one says, writing about music is like 'a dance about architecture’ – it is better to hear their creations with your own ears, instead of reading this description.