Abakus – Under The Stars

English / Polish version

Abakus - Under The Stars
    Under The Stars

      1. Under The Stars (Part 1)
      2. Dreams Of Neon
      3. New Era
      4. Under The Stars (Part 2)


In the beginning there was INDU heralding delicious THAT MUCH CLOSER TO THE SUN and thus Russell Davies accustomed us that he precedes his ‘full-lenght’ accomplishments by brief announcements of what in the near future we will hear. Such a way we get the EP UNDER THE STARS straight from the Modus Records. First, title track marked with PART 1 is a trip in the deepest recesses of our mind. We will be drifting under a sky full of stars and the musical talent of Abakus will suck from us every piece of bad energy, even the smallest one. The same thing happens to us later. DREAMS OF NEON melts us in various components by a light guitar sound and the composition of the track itself fades like milk chocolate. While NEW ERA with the grace and subtlety will carry away the body toward the sky and will let us relax blissfully on the blue clouds. Now it is time for us to get carried away by the moment and ‘sail’. Short, but definitely excellent work ends with the second part of the adventures under the stars, which is slightly different from the previous version in speed and wider range of electronic sounds, but it let us easily end our tour UNDER THE STARS.

INDU announced a great album, but while listening to UNDER THE STARS we can expect even an excellent work performed by Russell. The EP itself contains only four productions, but during those few minutes we can devote ourselves to a blissful oblivion and dream indefinitely. It’s really worth it!

7.5 / 10