Ren Toudu ‎– Green Temple

English / Polish version

Ren Toudu ‎– Green Temple
    Ren Toudu
    Green Temple

      1. Glow In The Dark
      2. Green Temple
      3. Seaside Serenade


A few months ago, completely by accident I encountered an album called INTANGIBLE, which made a great impression on me (indeed, every time I listen to this CD, it makes that again). Following up, I could not miss this year’s EP, which was released with the help of Ovnimoon Records. GREEN TEMPLE contains only three tracks, but considering the length of their duration (each oscillates around fifteen minutes), one can attribute to this record the laws, that have full-length albums.


As usual in the case of Ren, his laissez-faire style works for me tremendously. The very first sounds make that a twirl inadvertently appears on my face. Every time I wonder how such subtle music can cause such strong emotions? After all it is impossible to move people, making music, in which the rate exceeds 140 beats per minute, no matter whether it is good or bad, there is always someone who will be well entertained at the same time, but to do something like GLOW IN THE DARK and move people by something like that, it is just pure art. There is no cacophony or any other dissonance in here, every sound perfectly harmonies with another, and that one with the next and so on to infinity. Listening to this is really nice, because the electronics, which is served to us by the Swedish artist, is from the top shelf…


The gongs came to Europe from Asia and they are instruments of the group called idiophones, which after an impact cause some vibrations, which then turn into the piercing sound. Often they are used in the solemn rites, ceremonies or other important events. From the very beginning of the track you can hear the distinctive sound of that instrument – indeed as it befits the title GREEN TEMPLE. The track is very minimalistic and a bit dark, but yet very hypnotic and absorbing (as the English say: 'hell is paved with good intentions’). Through the entire duration of the track, except those gongs you can hear one and the same addictive motif, which actually has walked with me for weeks afterwards. This might seem so simple, and consequently so interesting. Baaaaaaam!


And the next track which is the last one in the EP, which like its predecessors deserves a deep bow in a gesture of recognition and the frenetic applause – great job, excellent job, even masterful. As you can infer by the title of the created album, this truck will not run out of 'seaside’ accents and I do not think about a fried mackerel… The sounds of some flying seagulls, the sound of waves, the flowing sand and although this type of statement usually rather scares me, because of too often duplicated motif, however I must admit that also here Ren Toudu has defended himself for an A score.

Once again, I have received what I hoped – the good, thoughtful and refined an EP, which I often return to. Once again, I can sign myself with my both hands with the statement that it is worth paying attention to this artist, because the music he makes, certainly is not the average one.


8 / 10