Three A.D. (Volume Three Ambient Dub)

English / Polish version

Three A.D. (Volume Three Ambient Dub)
    Three A.D. (Volume Three Ambient Dub)

      1. Shark Infested
      2. Skank
      3. Drawn To The Woman
      4. Lighten Up!
      5. In 7
      6. Sign
      7. Oracle
      8. Solar Prophet
      9. Regina From The Future


A compilation called THREE A.D. is a continuation of a three-part series of 'music of the future’, straight from a British label Waveform Records. Just as the two previous compilations, this one includes a wide variation of styles, some unique sound experiments, some surprising solutions, and above all the timeless dub atmosphere, which became a prototype for many of today’s artists more than a decade ago. The very beginning with Real Life in a true Patterson’s style gives us a taster of what we can expect from the whole album – I mention some experiments, acid patches and cosmic landscapes diffuse in our mind. All this, with even bigger density of the twisted sounds continues The Higher Intelligence Agency through a track called SKANK. From the space depths we will snatch thanks to DRAWN TO THE WOMAN which will reveal to us what will happen to us in the near future by using its hypnotic, female voice, with a slightly derisive laughter. Maybe this derisive laughter was a warning for us? SFTG give us a really large dose of information to think about. A Positive Life and whatever you could say, the compilation becomes decidedly brighter in colours. The recognizable, goa-ambient style, the lively atmosphere, an interesting though sometimes redundant and excessive vocalise and LIGHTEN UP! definitely leads us towards the skies. I admit that a name of another artist goes perfectly with the track, which he presents to us. 'Another Fine Day’ and his charming IN 7 is the culmination of a day which is rich in positive and blissful experiences. The light, informal atmosphere, without any unnecessary exaggeration and overinterpretation allows us to relax soundly. As for me, it is the number one of this compilation – the great track and above all simple in the reception. Together with Coldcut in the lounge, jazz and experimental climate we will go through the constellations of all the signs of the zodiac. Some of the founders of the legendary Ninja Tune give us an interesting and certainly unconventional portion of the alternative music. Spacetime Continuum and his ORACLE you can specify by using one epithet – reflective. This tour lasting a few minutes through the sound spots of the subdued and gentle ambient music certainly will appeal to all lovers of the idle lying and immersion in the deep, distant memories. Insanity Sect have never conquered the world of music, the achievements of the English brothers called Wright completed on one album. SOLAR PROPHET wanders around like an expanded ball of wool, quite monotonously and long, which over some time causes the fatigue. On the plus side of this track may appeal a fact that it is ideal for an evening diversion into the realm of dreams. The Starseeds end a three-part adventure straight from Waveform Records. REGINA FROM THE FUTURE is a track built of some sound spots free of any melody perfectly harmonizing with each other. The sounds of nature, brass instruments and the whole spectrum of cosmic sounds. If the previous track suited perfectly for the sleep, then this one becomes our futuristic and unforgettable dream.

Certainly THREE A.D. is the unconventional compilation, in which we will find a mix of everything that is ambient, from the faster tracks such as LIGHTEN UP! to some blurry soundscapes completely devoid of any melody. Waveform Records using its series called A.D. gave an origin of the development of many current artists, and its achievements from the past taste just as well every day.


7 / 10