Seamoon – DMTones

English / Polish version

Seamoon – DMTones

      1. DMTones
      2. Mystical Moon
      3. Beyond Physical Perceptions


~dis aliter visum (it seemed otherwise to the gods)

After two years of waiting, quite recently a new EP of Seamoon has fallen into my hands. I will not conceal that from the time when I first had an occasion to get to know the music of a young talented German, eagerly I have looked forward to his next position in the publishing market. His first album A TWISTED DOWNBEAT ADVENTURE, which was released in 2010 by a defunct now (but well promising) label Chillbasement, then made a lot of confusion. Personally, I admit that I listened to this album very often and whenever I made a longer break from it, I returned to it and discovered it anew with joy. It is a piece of a really solid polished material, and an innovative style certainly brought a deep breath of freshness among some ubiquitous and common patterns that flood the publishing market. It has been two years, during which from time to time you could hear something about the previously mentioned artist. This alias from time to time appeared in various compilations and I will add that Mr Simon’s music has always made a good impression to me.

In 2012, by Canadian label Altar Records Seamoon releases another (unfortunately again only the EP) plate with a familiar-sounding title – DMTONES. Here you could accuse him of some kind of imitation, because whatever you would write, probably most of the people will associate this title with an immortal track of the project Shpongle – DIVINE MOMENTS OF TRUTH. But before you will express that kind of opinion, please check the content of this album.

~hoc erat in votis (this was among my prayers)

Some marshes, swamps, bogs, or generally it is wet, slushy and mysteriously. Just in this kind of Seamoon’s climate probably I feel the best, although I think in this track everyone will be able to hear thousands of other sounds that will slide to you some completely different connotations. The title refers to a psychedelic psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in many species of plants, and thanks that it was consumed by the shamans living in the present territory of South America, it is often surrounded by the worship and some mystical legends. I am not going to be more elaborate – after hearing this track, you will understand all.

~acta est fabula (the drama is over)

This time, the track is again very deep, superbly nuanced and thoughtful, and it causes that not only we have a few minutes for a reflection, trying to answer the question what is what is not, but it also makes we look at those relatively rarely visited areas of our (in)finite mind. It is irrational, somewhat tangible, sometimes balancing on a border of the absurd. In this track you can feel passion, it is full of some twisted, fractal visions and the good karma.

~adhibe rationem difficultatibus (in difficulties refer to your mind)

The track like the previous positions is a fusion of high quality electronic sounds which definitely go beyond the areas known to our perception (again the title is not random). It is one of those tracks that we just absorb from the first to the last sound. A difficult to identify vocal that appears in the middle of the track, says a mystical-sounding mantra which emphasizes only a slightly enigmatic character of the track. It sounds really great.

What can I write more, this guy is just brilliant. If he still can not define what the psychedelic music is, I think he has just found a satisfying answer.


8.5 / 10