On A Dubmission Volume One

English / Polish version

On A Dubmission Volume One
    On A Dubmission Volume One

      1. Unadrumma
      2. The International
      3. Collie Dub
      4. Almost Home
      5. Artificial Duck Flavour
      6. Piano Dub
      7. Flex
      8. Logical Dub
      9. Dressing Down
      10. Mirror Beach
      11. Breezes Blowing


As we approach the long-awaited May weekend and finally we can feel the smell of spring in the air, I thought that the perfect music I would like to listen to now, would be dub, preferably in a form of psychill. In a way I did it, but maybe not quite so…

The idolized by me IN DUB of Hallucinogen, the albums of Ott were rolled by me so many times that I can not count it. That is why it is time for something a little less known, perhaps not quite in the spirit of psychill, and perhaps not really in line with my taste. More and more often I reach for the less known projects, looking for a fresh look at the music, and today while flipping through my record collection, I came across a compilation from May 2007, of an unknown to me, Japanese label, Wakyo Records. ON A DUBMISSION VOLUME ONE is a material created by the tracks of among others. Pitch Black, International Observer, Dubomatic, Mirror System, and several other artists, but I admit at once that only the first of these is a project I know. What is this compilation like? Does it stand out from others? In the end, does it convince me?

It is quite nice to listen to the whole of the compilation, especially if (like me) you are lying back in a hammock, you can hear birds singing in the distance that are perfectly attuned to the sounds of the music coming out from the speakers. The grass lushes green, the buds on the trees begin to blossom, and from time to time you need to chase curious bees away which bravely work in hives of the neighbour. The reviewed compilation in my vocabulary belongs to a group called 'background music’, thinking briefly, on the one hand those are the sounds acting as a background to the surrounding reality, thoughts, but on the other – to me, they do not have the clout and they will not come to the fore, creating havoc in our head. I do not think that this compilation has to offer anything more than the standard dub productions – I can say more, I think it is sometimes boring, average, but unfortunately it is the result of my relationship with dub and the problem with this type of music. Dub seems to be simple – a layman might say that just a few sounds, their repetition, a little rocking tune and a dub dish is ready, and this unfortunately is not true. In my opinion, a recipe for the good dub is to skillfully combine it with some interesting backgrounds, so that not only the repeatability and flowing, rippling beat introduce us in a trance mood, but that its structure could intrigue further by using some interesting sounds and arrangements.

Do not get me wrong, ON A DUBMISSION VOLUME ONE is not the bad compilation, I just need from the music a little bit more, maybe I have become too demanding… The only thing that can justify me is that the appetite grows with eating. I think you just have to listen to it and give your opinion about the production of Wakyo Records, while I reach for VOLUME TWO and I will check if the Japanese label introduced any innovative, interesting solutions to the second edition of this compilation.

5 / 10